Young Model With Vitiligo Is Redefining Standards Of Beauty And Inspiring Confidence In Thousands

At six years old, April Star was diagnosed with vitiligo, a non-life-threatening condition that causes the loss of skin color, hair color, and/or eye color in blotches when the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning. Now, at 10 years old, this Miami girl isn’t letting her skin condition hold her back. She has big ambitions, and she’s already chasing them.
This model-in-the-making has gathered more than 62,000 followers on Instagram who are obsessed with the beautiful young girl’s photos as well as her inspiring words. Star claims that she’s always had dreams of breaking into the fashion industry and feels blessed to have the opportunity to change society’s perception of beauty in the modeling world – and redefine stereotypical standards in the process.

She’s So Fierce!

She's So Fierce!


According to April’s mother, though, it’s taken a lot of work and determination for the young girl to maintain such an empowering level of confidence. At school, Star endured frequent bullying and was often left depressed by the ignorant jabs that were directed at her by her classmates.
Thanks to the support of April Star’s mother, big sister and actress Yindra Zayas (who inspired April to start her Instagram account), and former America’s Next Top Model contestant Winnie Harlow (who also has vitiligo), April says that she has been able to fully embrace her “love spots.”
Her self-confidence and beauty has already inspired people from around the globe, and there are tons of fans eager to show this lovely little girl some love and encouragement. One fan even expressed on her social media,

“You are so beautiful!! I have vitiligo too, but I have never been so confident as you are.”

It’s safe to say that we all agree… Keep on keeping on, April Star!

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