Woman Warns About Dangerous ‘Common’ Habit That Caused Hole In Her Face

We all carry one or the other bad habit in our lives, and not only that but everyone of us tries to eliminate that habit completely. However, we fail to do so. This is one such case of a woman from Tennessee who shared her ordinary habit with us and its bad consequence which resulted in a HOLE in her face actually. Her whole life turned upside down. Read on the scoop to know what she had gone through.
Source: PA Real Life

Meet Jade Thrasher

Jade Thrasher, 26, carried a common habit of getting tan and so she used sunbeds for 20 minutes more than 3 days a week and continued for 11 years. She was so damn desperate to be tanned.

Jade , a common nurse happy with her husband

Jade , a common nurse happy with her husband
She was just an average woman married to the love of her life, Matthew. In her early teens, Jade’s parents Charles, 55 and Penny, 50 had sunbed at their home. She bought a tanning bed in her marital home.
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