We Have Been Washing Our Hair Wrong Our Entire Life. This Is How You Should Actually Do It!

Hair is of a big importance to leave a good first impression especially this is so for women. But the hair is changeable –at one time it is beautiful and other time it can turn to be messy. Women are getting really nervous if they notice dandruff or dry hair. They want their hair to be soft and soothing when they move their fingers through their hair.

What we do not realize is that washing your hair with shampoo will only make your hair beautiful and soft for a short period of time. And we have been doing that wrong all this time. You can make your hair to look beautiful for a longer period of time if you start washing your hair in the right way.
Here are the most usual mistakes that we make while washing our hair:
1. Using too much shampoos is a big mistake. Maybe you want to try new ones but your hair will have trouble with getting used to every new shampoo.
2. Pouring too much shampoo is also a big mistake. The usual quantity is a coin size.
3. Another mistake that we are making is shampooing our whole head. You should shampoo the roots and condition your ends.
4. Most of the people are always shampooing their scalp and this is a mistake. You should not shampoo the scalp down always you take a shower.
5. Before you apply shampoo do you soak your hair? In case you don’t then you are making a big mistake. The hair should be completely soaked before shampoo is applied.
6. Another big mistake that women make is rubbing the hair with a towel after a shower. What we should understand is when the hair is wet it is fragile and that is why you should pat your hair dry gently.

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