Warning Signs Your Magnesium, Potassium And Calcium Levels Are Off And How To Fix It !

Balanced electrolytes are important if you want to regulate your heartbeat or to allow your muscles to contract.
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These electrolytes and certain nutrients (or chemicals) are have huge importance to human body. To be more precise, those electrolytes are: magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphate, sodium and chloride.
Actually, their major functions are stimulating of the nerves throughout the body and balancing fluid levels. If you consider that electrolyte imbalance is not a dangerous condition you are wrong, because they can cause serious symptoms, including some that can cause death.
It is very easy to obtain them and everyone is doing it with eating any kind of foods and drinking certain fluids. Through exercise, sweating and urinating, you lose them.  Also, poor diet and too little or too much exercise as well as being sick are the major reasons for causing electrolyte imbalance.
As we mentioned above, electrolytes are of a big importance for human bodies and some of the major roles that they have are:
– Potassium keeps the blood pressure levels stable, helps with muscle functions and regulates heart contractions
– Magnesium is necessary for muscle contractions, bone – building and strength, proper heart rhythms, nerve functioning, reducing anxiety, digestion and to keep a stable protein – fluid balance
– Sodium maintains the fluid balance, and also it will help with nerve signaling and it is needed for muscle contractions
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