The simple sock trick that can stop your car windows from fogging up ever again

Mornings can be tough and winter always makes them tougher. So whenever I stumble across hacks that help my days start as smoothly as possible, I’m all over it! One of the biggest time savers I’ve tried myself is this sock trick for fogged up windows.

Socks vs. Foggy Windows

The trick is actually so simple, and you only have to make it once. After that, you leave it inside your car for the whole season and let it work its magic. What do you do? Fill a sock with kitty litter!
Cat litter is specifically designed to absorb moisture (for obvious reasons), including moisture in the air around it. Without extra water trapped in the air inside your car, there will be much less, if any condensation on the inside of your windows.
This works in the winter because the outside temperature is lower than inside your car, which is what contributes to the condensation on the inside of your windshield. However, the same underlying problem is what causes your windows to fog in the summer on a cool rainy day. Consider this: if you have a cold glass of water outside, condensation appears on the outside of the glass. This excess water comes from the warm air that comes into contact with the glass.

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