Is the “Sugar” The REAL Cause of Fibromyalgia?

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And when I stopped taking it all symptoms (apart from occasionally I get restless leg syndrome which the magnesium dosage increase is helping with) had gone.
I was then able to go off ALL my medication which was Lyrica, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Amitriptyline, Prochlorperazine, and when needed Oramorph. EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Now it’s magnesium, B12, L tryptophan, L Dopamine, Zinc, Folic Acid, and Omega 3. Plus weed.
I am now gluten intolerant as a result of the mesh rejection results but it’s not so bad in so much as I get facial hives but I’ve only been in control of this issue a couple of months because we only just found out what I was being told was Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases, Obesity etc….turns out was a gluten intolerance. I cured myself using the planet and going off ALL forms of sugar apart from natural occuring sugars like fruit, and dairy.
I’ve lost so much weight because my diet is now unprocessed it’s healthier. I’ve even started enjoining steak again. I only eat meat if it’s free range and organic. I’m never hungry apart from in the morning which I’m told is as it should be. That’s why it’s called Break——fast. Breaking the Fast.
I only drink Fluoride free soda water.
I exercise daily. I cycle for an hour every single day. I row every day now too. I can only do 10 minutes in full resistance without stopping just now but I only got it at Xmas and when I first started exercising back on the 29th July 2015 I could only do 20 minutes on my bed of stretching exercises.
I no longer needed a hysterectomy and I am now preparing to have another baby at 45 because I’ healthy.
The weed is imperative for me now because it’s stopped me needing anything else. It has given me a pain free life where I hill climb in Yorkshire territory with weights on my back.
My boys luckily don’t remember too much about when I was morbidly obese. But it is because of them I got off my asses I’d stuffed with donuts and Pepsi every day because I wasn’t eating normal meals so needed the sugar… know…..for energy…..and stopped feeling sorry for myself.
I came to realise the NHS were going to be happy to let me die and that wasn’t ok. My babies deserved better and my Ex would never have coped alone and NO-ONE raises my Babies but me. I’M their Smother. Not anyone else.
So I gave myself a month to try the No Sugar Diet and within 48hrs I knew then at the age of 42 I was never going to ear sugar again and I never did. I don’t miss it, I don’t crave it, I don’t seem it out.
If I crave sugar I have dried apricots, fruit or dried mango. Occasionally I’ll have ice cream but only if its proper ice cream not frozen in a container because it’s more natural.
I’m basically on a Caveman diet. There is so little I can eat now that is processed and I don’t even care.
You mean I can’t have salty, greasy, sugary, fatty take away and snacks? Oh well……..but look… I’m 45 years old with Abs and my ex husband is my Work out buddy. We train together and support and encourage each other. We’re both at that stage with me a size 12 nearly down from 28/30 and him a 36 waist down from a 48 waist that were able to go into a normal “Not for Fat people” clothing stores, we are living the dream if redesigning our appearance and style and it’s fun.
Who knew I liked shoes lol having said that the most expensive item of clothing in my collection of a few items is £32 lol
I sleep better, my skin, hair and nails are lovely, and I actually want to take pride in my appearance. I do my hair, wear light make up as in mascara and lip gloss and magic minerals for redness and shine.
I want to look good when I go out. I want to represent what I am well. I want to represent my husband and his name well. Before, I didn’t care. It was tracky bottoms and my husband’s jumpers and shirts, or tights and huge t shirts. Hair in a lazy bun.
I lived a lie. I lived a fantasy and then reality hit me that I was probably going to die and my kids would never know the woman I really was inside.
So I got over myself. And I took responsibility for myself.
If no-one else was gonna help me then I was going to help myself.
So I refuse to recognise Fibromyalgia or most Autoimmune diseases as a medical issue and instead categorize it as dietary and mental health.
Depression is NOT the symptom of Fibromyalgia, it’s the cause.
Cure the depression, cure the disease and in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise you can cure yourself of EVERYTHING that lays behind the guise of disease.
One day I’ll get hold of my medical records. I was in hospital every 8-10wks. I got a skin disease while in hospital and had to be quarantined. It was horrible. They thought it might of been chicken pox but I’d had it as a kid, they are sure my body created its own virus, they don’t really now what it was but I had to go on immune boosters. Only certain people were allowed in my room.
They had to wear protective clothing and a sign and tape put on my door. People stared in like I was a freak show side attraction. It was horrible. A Doctor from The Centre for Tropical Diseases came to check me out. He was stumped.
All BECAUSE of sugar. When I had my youngest boy by C section they said my organs were all twice their natural size. We thought it was because of him being so big at 10lb 6oz and me having the hernia in my Umbilical area but it turns out it was because of my diet.
I lost feeling in my legs shins down, to my feet and hands and fingers.
For about 6yrs I couldn’t feel a thing. I’d get burnt and cut and not feel it.
Now I’m 100% normal but it was excruciating though when the nerves reconnected and fired up the neurones in my brain again.
My eye sight is getting so good now I barely need my glasses I’ve worn since I was 10-11yrs old.
I never took them off. Needed them for everything. Now I can’t physically wear them for reading or anything up close, i can’t see up close with them and only need them to see past a certain distance for object definition and reading. I am short sighted usually but I’ve always needed my glasses for reading and using my phone etc….until last year.
Twice now my prescriptions in my glasses have had to be weakened.
And I eat full fat everything, cheese, cream, milk, nuts, burgers, curry, fish and chips, pizza, kebabs, chilli, Italian, Chinese, pies, bacon, Chipotle, beer, gin etc…..but it’s gluten free and with the exception of the fish and chips we make ourselves now.
My exes burgers are better than any I’ve bought anywhere in the world.
When I open my campus for my students and have my Empaths Cafe, Bar and Grill I’m putting his burgers on the menu. I’m not even kidding.
We’re going to teach the inmates, veterans, homeless students we employ with the food industry skills the recipes to things like my corn on the cob, BBQ sauce, chocolate slice etc…using 100% free range, organic, antibiotic free, local produce.
My bar is going to be called The Happy Median. Or The Empaths Tavern, I haven’t decided yet.
Whichever one I don’t use will go to the bar I build at home for my family and I to enjoy during Clan Gatherings.
I’m going to have a huge fire pit, spit roasting pit, BBQ pit, seating outdoor bit right next to my bar.
I’m going to get my Whanau to carve me a Taniwha for my doorways.
I’m going to have a gym inside my office which is a sentence I never thought I’d hear myself say 3yrs ago because this time 3yrs ago I was sitting in my bed downing opiates finding excuses to eat 4 Sainsbury’s Cheesecake Muffins with pepsi.
I’m so angry at myself for allowing this to happen. I’ve been fat my entire life because I was so unhappy living the life I was. I never felt like I belonged where I was and for s little child that is a terrifying feeling.
I love my family and NO-ONE takes my away from being a proud and True blue New Zealander. But as one of my former students pointed out “I take New Zealand with me where ever I go, I don’t need to be there, because it is here in me”. She said “It’s something you talk about constantly, everyone knows your from New Zealand because you mention it all the time so the pride of your country clearly comes with you”.
It left a profound impact on me what she said because it was like Spirit were telling her to tell me it’s ok to let go of New Zealand and be where I was happy which is America. New Zealand is my heart but America is home.
I’m sorry. But one of my students in Wisconsin pointed out that the longer I’m in the US the happier I look.
Not all my former students hate me ya know lol I do keep in contact with a few of them. I adore how my life is turning out. I’ve even got a couple of former students coming back.
It’s protocol to not allow people back once a contract is terminated but they left for financial reasons or personal reasons, or needed to find themselves so they weren’t terminated.
But I’m figuring so much out now, sorting my life out 1lb at a time and yes I still have weight to lose but I’ve never in my life had the body I have now.
I’ve discovered I actually like three parts of my body I never thought I’d hear myself say I liked. My bum, feet and back.
Not perfect by any stretch but they don’t disappoint me like the rest of me does lol
And having said that when I started my new lifestyle regime i measured a chest of 44G, now I’m 38GG……How?
I don’t lift weights. I can’t because of my three hernia repairs. I just cycle and row everyday and the rowing only since Xmas day.
Before then it was cycling for an hour and walking for an hour every day.
Now it’s getting lighter and warmer I’m going to do all three. I need to get this last bit of fat off.
I’m never going to allow myself to get like that again. I will never blame anyone but myself for being so obese and disgusting to myself and my children.
I totally get why my ex husband didn’t find me attractive. Inside it to myself.
But trust me when I say….