So few women pay attention to it. But the color of your period blood can be extremely important when it comes to avoiding illness!

The color of menstrual blood can indicate sickness

Most women aren’t necessarily excited to get their periods. It often comes with pain, aches, limitations in your activity (sex, anyone?), the munchies, not even to mention the annoyance of changing pads, tampons, or the cup.

For some women there’s just one silver lining: it means you’re not pregnant. For others, it’s the heartbreaking opposite.

And then, of course, if a woman menstruates regularly — around every 28 days — then she has the benefit of knowing that her hormones are balanced.

But does anyone look closer at that blood, when the time comes? Most don’t, and yet it can be worth it. If you take a quick look at the color, you could learn something worthwhile about your health.

1. Pinkish-red

If the blood is pink or light red, it could be that you’re at the start of your period. But if it’s between periods, then it’s a good idea to visit the doctor. It could be a sign of internal injury, venereal disease (such as chlamydia), or hormonal fluctuations. If it’s the right time but only a very light, brief flow, then it could even indicate pregnancy. You don’t always stop having your period completely when you’re pregnant at the start. That’s one reason why some women don’t notice right away that they’re pregnant.


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