Mother diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and facing life in a wheelchair is cured – after she discovered her symptoms were due to a TICK BITE

A mother-of-three who spent two years being treated for multiple sclerosis has been cured with a simple course of antibiotics – after it was revealed that her symptoms were actually caused by a tick bite.

Julia Marshall-Wessendorf, 37, was facing life in a wheelchair after being mistakenly diagnosed with MS, a condition which attacks the central nervous system.

But when her symptoms deteriorated, she carried out her own research and discovered she may have been infected with Lyme disease following a bite from a parasitic tick.

Now, after years of expensive drug therapy and injections for MS, a simple course of antibiotics has cleared all of her symptoms.

Mrs Marshall-Wessendorf’s troubles first started in 2010 after she went to her GP complaining of a numb finger two months after the birth of her daughter, Peggy.

She initially thought she had trapped a nerve carrying newborn Peggy around, but when she was sent to a neurologist she began to worry.

An extensive MRI revealed lesions on her brain and spinal cord, consistent with MS.

‘Initially, I was really glad of the diagnosis because MS was a well-recognised illness and a lot of money had been put into researching it and providing medication,’ Ms Marshall-Wessendorf, from from Bath, Somerset.

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