Insane Plastic Surgeries You Have To See To Believe

Whenever you hear about plastic surgeries, you probably think of whitening procedures or those that help enhance the best parts of your face and neck. After all, so many men and women feel that they do not want to look old even as they get aged.However, plastic surgery is not just about wanting to look better. In fact, plastic surgery also includes reconstructive surgery and burn treatment, which means that such operations are actually done so that some people could lead a normal life.Likewise, these 15 plastic surgeries are so uncommon that you might be shocked to see them. Read on!

#1 Leg lengthening surgery

If you wanted to be taller, you can have this operation. However, this will be extremely painful because your bones will basically be broken. Likewise, your legs will get inserted with metal rods. So, would you have this surgery or would you just wear tall shoes?

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