shutterstock_198807152-1024x1024-1Fibromyalgia is one of the most difficult ailments to diagnose simply because it’s often recognized as musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, mood swings, and or memory loss.
Since this is such an extremely hard disease to diagnose, many people go months or even years in suffering from this terrible illness.
To give you an idea as to how effective this disease is, 1 in 70 people, mostly women, in the U.S. have fibromyalgia.
The belief of what causes this ailment stems from neurological infection, head trauma, or severe emotional stress. All of which are ultimate reasons for fibromyalgia.
The good news however, hyperbaric oxygen treatment has made an extreme hallmark in the world of medicine for those who bare fibromyalgia. Researchers from Tel Aviv University have published in PLOS ONE have noted that women who have tried hyperbaric oxygen treatment were able to drastically reduce or entirely eliminate  their need for pain medication.
To enhance further information on this treatment, a variety of different researchers from various universities have teamed up and found the prime suspect for fibromyalgia. They believe the cause is a disruption of the brain mechanism that is able to process pain. Dr. Efrati had this to state about the topic;
“As a physician, the most important finding for me is that 70 percent of the patients could recover from their fibromyalgia symptoms. The most exciting finding for the world of research, however, is that we were able to map the malfunctioning brain regions responsible for the syndrome.” 
Normally this treatment is used for those who have decompression sickness, embolisms, carbon monoxide poisoning, and or burns. As 60 women participated in the experiment, they were able to find that 70% of them had significant changes in the symptoms of their brain activity. Which then Dr. Efrati states this;
“The intake of [the pain medication they were taking] eased the pain but did not reverse the condition. But hyperbaric oxygen treatments did reverse the condition.”
“Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are designed to address the actual cause of fibromyalgia – the brain pathology responsible for the syndrome.
It means that brain repair, including neuronal regeneration, is possible even for chronic, long-lasting pain syndromes and we can and should aim for that in any future treatment development.” 


  1. I cannot believe in this since I am truly recovering right now from FMS under the Guaifenesin Protocol (tens of thousands of us are now FMS free) and this protocol works extrememly well under the premise that FMS is a genetic kidney defect. My FMS is clearing daily without any hyperbaric oxygen machine. I suspect these patients do not have the same FMS I do, or will relapse eventually as the brain is NOT the place to address this, the kidneys are. This science is free, safe, sound and proven effective for over 40 years. Why try anything else?

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