Frail Grandma Walks Over To Sobbing Mom In Store Parking Lot, Then Demands Her Shopping List

Sometimes, guardian angels find you when you least expect it.
As we saw in the case of the bikers who saved a bullied little girl, you can never predict who your guardian angel will be or what they will look like.

Nobody knows that better than mom Kristin Sherman, who found herself at the end of her rope on New Year’s Eve.
She had her two exhausted little boys in the back of the car and had just run out to grab some milk and other much-needed essentials.
Of course, as any mom knows, once things take a turn for the worse, it can be a slippery slope.
Her kids were distraught, it was cold, it was late, and, naturally, the milk she had just bought fell out of the car and smashed open on the ground.
Just when she had hit her low for the night, a guardian angel appeared. It was an elderly lady who spotted her struggling from across the lot and insisted on helping.
Scroll through below to read it in Sherman’s words.

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