Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved! Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels

by Donna Ker Leesley,
Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels.
Researchers have found the main source of pain in Fibromyalgia patients, and contrary to what many believe, it does not stem from the brain. The findings mark the end of a decades-old mystery about the disease, which many doctors believed was conjured in patients’ imaginations. The mystery of Fibromyalgia has left millions of sufferers searching for hope in pain medications. Up until recently, many physicians thought that the disease was “imaginary” or psychological, but scientists have now revealed that the main source of pain stems from a most unlikely place- excess blood vessels in the hand, legs and foot.
The discovery may lead to new treatments and perhaps even a total cure in the future, bringing relief to as many as 5 million Americans thought to have the disease. To solve the Fibromyalgia mystery, researchers zeroed in on the skin from the hand of one patient who had a lack of the sensory nerve fibers, causing a reduced reaction to pain. They then took skin samples from the hands of Fibromyalgia patients and were surprised to find an extremely excessive amount of a particular type of nerve fiber called arteriole-venule (AV) shunts.
Up until this point scientists had thought that these fibers were only responsible for regulating blood flow, and did not play any role in pain sensation, but now they’ve discovered that there is a direct link between these nerves and the widespread body pain that Fibromyalgia sufferers feel.
The breakthrough also could solve the lingering question of why many sufferers have extremely painful hands and foot as well as other “tender points” throughout the body, and why cold weather seems to aggravate the symptoms. In addition to feeling widespread deep tissue pain, many Fibromyalgia patients also suffer from debilitating fatigue.

Neuroscientist Dr. Frank L. Rice explained: “We previously thought that these nerve endings were only involved in regulating blood flow at a subconscious level, yet here we had evidences that the blood vessel endings could also contribute to our conscious sense of touch… and also pain,” Rice said. “This mismanaged blood flow could be the source of muscular pain and achiness, and the sense of fatigue which are thought to be due to a build-up of lactic acid and low levels of inflammation fibromyalgia patients. This, in turn, could contribute to the hyperactivity in the brain.”

Current treatments for the disease have not brought complete relief to the millions of sufferers. Therapies include narcotic pain medicines; anti-seizure drugs, anti-depressants and even simple advice such as “get more sleep and exercise regularly.” Now that the cause of Fibromyalgia has been pinpointed, patients are looking forward to an eventual cure. Other expressed frustration about how much they had suffered already:
“When are they ever going to figure out that things are never “all in your head?” said one commenter. “Whenever something doesn’t fit in their tiny little understanding, they belittle the patient and tell them they are crazy. People have suffered through this since they were invented. Prescribing SSRIs for everything is not the answer any more than a lobotomy or hysterectomy was.”
The announcement has the potential to unlock better future treatments and undoubtedly has patients all over the world rejoicing that the mystery of Fibromyalgia has finally been solved.
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    1. Hi Francis, my sister has this and tried everything from pain killers the hyperbaric chambers and nothing really helped. I was looking into nutrition and came accross the moringa oleifera tree. She has been taking a supplement daily for about 3 months now and she says it has been brilliant at giving her energy and reducing the pain. She had 8 months off work because of it. I’ve read a bit about the tree and it is quite amazing. I’m trying to grow the trees myself now I’m so taken by its properties. Anyway, I get it through but you can try to get it from other sources. I hope it works as well for you as it does my sister.

      1. I just read your post and found it very interesting. My husband just return from Florida with three bags of this supplement. that his daughter got while in Nicaragua on a mission trip. Well there is no direction on the bag, so my question is…. How much does your sister take a day?

    2. Frances, I f you really want to become better, diet changes is a good first step, eating cleaner and over all healthier. Good quality vitamins and special supplements have helped me. The majority of the last eight + years has been spent on complete bed rest and per drs. orders 40+ meds daily. With the exception of sleep meds, I’m med free, only taking high quality vitamins and supplements per Drs. orders/approval nutritionist/other health professionals per drs. orders. If you’d like to know more you can private message me/ fb or call me 615-663-8640. Drugs and Pot is not the answer. Get to the root of the issues, don’t get high etc. wasting your life away. If you desire quality of life, take the time to contact me. My drs. can’t believe I’m the same patient.

      1. I agree that diet plays a big part. I sleep great and wake feeling rested and was able to do that simply by going gluten free! Maybe you can give up that last med! My biggest challenge and only med since going gluten free is for concentration and focus.

        1. Lin
          I don’t think this applies to FMS. I have heard of others going gluten free and if that one thing worked, everyone would be doing it.
          Pain needing heavy duty pain relief isn’t that simple. But how I wish.

      2. I need some more awnsser I’m so lost . I hate this pain and I’m so tired of taking meds for it . Hope you can help me ? If it works for you , I would love to hear about it , thank you. ,hope to here from you shelah

      3. I am going to try not to be rude, because in reality I am happy you have been so blessed. I am medicine intolerant, including illegal of what few I tried, have spent my life as a hiker, distance runner, before it was popular, swimmer, and bicyclist. Lifted weights as well.
        My diet is better and has been than most anyone I know, always grew my own vegetables and would grow extra for the pests, not for organics sake, I’m over 50 years old and have lived on my own for over 30 years. I happen to like the pests. Truly yours is a blessing but fibro is not created equal for any of us. Though the findings are good, I’m so thrilled that they know the cause, verification for us with it, I’m not sure how they will actually come up with a treatment. Each of us are so similar yet so vastly different. I love peanut butter but it will kill one of my friends.. please refrain from dictating to someone about the way they are living being part of the problem. She may be doing everything you are to the letter. She’s just not you. Shame more of us can’t be.
        God Bless

        1. This was beautifully written and very heartfelt. I too have tried everything and to no avail. Not everyone suffers the same. Am thrilled it is being acknowledged but also am sceptical of a cure. May God bless you

      4. What have you done differently? I’ve suffer with Fibro and other auto immune disease for 25 years….. I’ve had times of seemingly having remission of sorts but now is back with a vengeance. Please tell me what helped you.

      5. Shelah, I’ve had FMS for over 25 years’ now and I would love you to email me regarding what type of vitamins/supplements you are taking. My email is [email protected]. I also read about the moringa oleifera tree, maybe that is another option for me.

    3. I can really say “THANKYOU’, as this really feels like someone at last is making a Breakthough and taking us seriously. I have lost 20+ years of my life due to this condition, and there have been many times like throwing in the towel completely (and I do mean Literally Giving Up on Life). for someone to actually believe that there is something to research, and follow through, has given me some reason to hope that I may just not have to spend my remaining 10 – 20 years alive with NO life.
      I too would willingly be a tester for any treatment that the Scientist and his team need trialling, as I would love to know that no-one else younger, has to lose their life to this horribly Painful condition that just goes on and on.

      1. Bronwyn, I agree with all you have said. My doctor told me back in 1997 that I have fibromyalgia and my life has gone down hill since then. I get plenty of excersise, eat right and am not overweight. But the pain never goes away. And the way the pain hops around my body drives me nuts! It can hit at anytime, no matter what I am doing. If this article is true, I too would be willing to be a tester!

    4. I have fibro and Lupus and the way I recovered, at least to the point my pain is way down was to go to the health food stores. I believe it is really Candida Albicans, and I took acidophilus, garlic and other yeast fighting products. It took me two years to come out from under intense pain, but I did. Changed my diet, no cokes and white sugar for me. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, no msg, no hot dogs or sandwich meats. I drink bottled spring water with lemon or make herb tea. Yes, you can get better, but doctors are not the answer. They almost killed me.

    5. I was diagnosed in Feb, I have been in chronic pain for years. I also have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, bursitis HBP, high cholesterol. A friend of mine introduced to me some organic supplements, which I have been taking since May. I am no longer on any pain medication and take just the supplements daily, I’m 99% pain free! If you’d like information I’d gladly share it with you!

  1. Finally , now maybe soon I can enter live again. I am just perplexed in Kentucky I can’t be treated here but in Co they did all they could do and it was manageable, now I am all screwed up again as Ky knows so much more took me off my medications that worked and threw me into the Psych ward because I had to do something !! So yes I need help here !

    1. You need to move to another state. I live in Tennessee and our two states are involved in an exercise to reduce the use of pain medications. I was diagnosed with Fibro in Florida, 25 years ago. I have always been one to go thru physical therapy, go to the pool, tried essential oils and three massages per week, and lets not forget the Chiorpractor! Time finally came that I have now been on a pain patch at lowest level. Mark my words y’all… this is all eventually going to end up in whether our states vote in the use of Marijuana or continue the use of Opioids. I never thought I would entertain the thought of marijuana products but maybe it will be the lesser of the two. I was told 25 years ago that “at least Fibro isn’t a debilitating disease”. Really? I’m in a wheelchair now, on oxygen and still pushing on, I won’t give in to this. They surely will try to find the true answer to this.

      1. Try using hemp oil in capsules taken internally it has been a big help to me. I do use marijuana also but am in a state where its legal

        1. Where can you get hemp oil in capsules? I’m only 37 old and it’s an awful thing to have, nothing they prescribe helps…

          1. I have recently found great relief from low dose neltroxone or LDN therapy. It is a life saver for me. No pain meds at all. I was on slow release morphine and Norco.

          2. In Canada we can purchase pure hemp oil capsules at many herbal stores. we get ours at a Nutter’s outlet Both my wife and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after injury accidents (24 years ago for me) and recently tried the cannabis oil capsules with very good results. We are fortunate to live in a relatively free country!

          3. I but organic hemp from amazon and you can by empty capsules at a compounding pharmacy or online. However, I take a tablespoon morning and night and it’s really helping me. Good luck I hope it helps you too!

          1. Look ‘CBD oil’ up on line. Need to read up on it and make sure it is processed correctly to get good batches. It is legal to purchase I believe in all the states as it does not contain the part of the hemp that makes you hallucinate only the part that kills the pain. There is a wide range so be sure what you are purchasing. It can get pricy but well worth it.

          2. Hemp CBD oil is legal in all states. I buy mine through I have no affiliation with this company, other than having purchased their CBD capsules and very happy with their product. I hope you all find something that helps you to feel better.

        2. Is this the only thing you take for pain? I’m on so many meds for fibro. It’s so expensive and they don’t seem to work that much anymore.

        3. Hi, what may I ask does hemp oil do for you? I also use, not oil tho, Im in Michigan and I am legal. I take 3 to 5 Norco, including anti-inflammatory, and arthritis pain med, I cry daily from pain, cant visit ER for chronic pain, I am so tired and sore ALL THE TIME….in the last week, not sure what it is just angry always cause I feel like crap. Help

          1. I had to take him boil for about a month before it started helping. Now I am feeling much better. It doesn’t get you high it doesn’t cause you to hallucinate or anything any other drugs do because it’s not a drug. Good luck! I hope it helps you. Just make sure you get organic.

        4. hey Kathy I tried hemp oil and all it did for me was make me sleep 14 hours a day and didn’t do anything for the pain but my friend who has MN said it was fantastic, can you recommend anything else please for me to try

        5. I live in Michigan. I have used hemp oil that I order from Vita-cost, for several months and I have less pain, even though there is still pain but its not as severe as it used to be. I am trying to get off the Rx’s, have reduced one to once a day from twice a day. I see my fibro doc in another month or so. Hopefully I can reduce another. I have learned to limit my daily activities so that I am not totally exhausted each day, and I am having fewer leg cramps.

      2. Hi from Canada, I have been on Medical Marajuana since last Sept. And have some pain success….it is natural and reasonably priced…I highly recommend it…hope u will consider giving it a chance…it may make a difference…it takes awhile to get the right dosage of oil but start low…good luck, I wish u well

      3. Do acupuncture. It got rid of the 80% of my symptoms. Now I am juicing organic fruits and vegetables and I am seeing a major improvement!! I am also drinking lots of bottled water with a PH of 7.5 or more. I take 4-6 Calcium/Magnesium capsules at night and 2 Potassium capsules a day for muscle cramps. Get rid of wheat, sugar, milk, diet stuff, and corn from your diet.

        1. Great Advice Sharon!
          After being almost bedridden for days on end due to constant pain of all kinds, a similar program to yours has given me my life back!!!
          I discovered that too much sugar, gluten and dairy just turn my blood into an inflamed toxic river… So I needed to reduce the toxins in my body then boost my system with nutrients (juices, magnesium etc) so that my body (mind and emotions) could start to work properly again. And this worked!
          I also found that emotional issues of grief and loss were what led me to this physically toxic state in the first place, so when I had an accident or illness, all those bodily toxins just wiped out my nervous system.
          Therefore if we want to get some energy back and reduce physical pain, I believe that healing painful emotional states and adopting health regimes similar to yours are even more important, especially if we have “an extremely excessive amount of a particular type of nerve fiber” (pain receptors) as this article suggests. Because I would think that having these extra nerve fibers means that people with fibromyalgia get overwhelmed more quickly (mentally, emotionally and physically) than others.

          1. Hi Dee
            Done a lot of research…. Best is. Magnesium Malate… Not just any mag will do… This is pure not made up of other low quality like the others … It absorbs best into the body…
            Contains magnesium and malic acid.. Health shop but I get mine amazon (£13.99) for month supply *****also swear by Q10 The Ubiquinol Q10… quality and absorption / pure…. NOT the Ubiquinone one….. Get a book and cut out inflammation foods etc…such as caffeine… The inflammation book for dummies is good (amazon)… Try it all as natural as you can…helped me no end!!! They gave me prediserone steroids…. Etc…..absolutely messed my life up…. Don’t do it…. Research well worth it
            God bless…… Good luck

          2. My brand is AOR. Magnesia phosphates is the best for PAIN! TRY IT YOU WILL BE HAPPY YPU DID.

        2. I heard about acupuncture ,have not tried it yet.. o thing works ..water excercise ,pain meds , yoga next on the list…I just hate this and on top of that arthritis is setting in..ugh…some days I don’t want to wake up ever!

          1. I know how you feel Katie! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 6 months ago. I’ve been going to pain management for 2 and 1/2 years due to a car wreck and an accident I had back in 1998. I have a steel plate in my neck and I have a Nevro simulator in my lower back. I hardly ever sleep due to Chronic widespread pain, and sometimes it seems like it’s just too much to bare. I believe in Jesus Christ, but I told my husband if I thought there wasn’t a hell, I would take every pill that I had in my house and just never wake up. That’s a horrible thing to even think about, but sometimes the pain is too much!

        3. Sharon, I’ve had FMS for over 25 years’ now and one of my worst sympstoms is the restless leg syndrome, that keeps me up all night walking the floor. I use tramadol for it, but wondering if the vitamins would help that. And how much, mg do you take for each vitamin/supplement.

      4. I have been told that CBN oil is very helpful for a lot things. And without getting high. I am waiting for my order to arrive.

      5. You sumed it up pretty good. In AL here, my rheumatologist doesn’t want to give me opiods since it seems like I will be in pain forever… don’t want us to get addicted… really. I would rather be addicted and have better quality of life than hurt every damn day. I had to recently quit my full time job. I am on remicade infusion for ankalosing spondylitis, tramadol, Flexeril, cymbalta, neurontin, zanaflex, Sulfasilazin and he wanted me to start methotrexate &folic acid. I decided to not take more, stop the Sulfasilazin and started smoking marijuana. Since then I am getting back to the old me. I’ve lost weight, I feel better mentally. I think marijuana should be legal period. But medically, definitely. This is interesting news and will have to read more about this.

        1. Cut all starch out of your diet for your ankalosing spondylitis. I have a yoga student who has radically improved his symptoms doing so. It might work for you.

        2. Smoking pot is the o my solution. I found. I got in a little trouble and had to stop smoking for a while but I know for a fact that it works. I was i. So much pain without it! I totally agree, It should be legal!

        3. Make sure you take folate or methylfolate NOT folic acid. It could add to your pain! Look up the MTHFR mutation.

        4. I would recommend a second opinion on the ankylosing spondylitis. I was treated for it, for several years, including many of the medications you are on, with the Remicade infusions. Adding methotrexate will just make you feel worse, with everything else. My new doctor ruled out AS, by doing complete testing and imaging. AS is a nasty disease, so make sure you have a definitive diagnosis, before accepting it as such, since it seems that more rheumatologists are diagnosing on clinical evaluations, rather than doing the required testing and imaging. Good luck with your treatment, regardless of the diagnosis.

      6. I’m really sorry your symptoms ate so severe. Prayers that they can figure something out soon! I also suffer with this and degenerative disc disease especially in my spine.

      7. Kathy Hammonds – I live in Colorado Springs and we have pots stores 6 to a block. Now I NEVER smoke it or do the edibles because I don’t want to lost my place at the pain management clinic where I’ve been going for years. I finally found someone who listened to me and understood that I was in shear agony. I have been on the same dose for years. I recently took a bunch of time released morphine back into the office to be destroyed. I just have to stay aware. I also take Lyrica and Ambien. If I DID NOT TAKE THESE I WOULD HAVE NO LIFE> you need to move here if you can’t get anyone to listen to you or any of the people on here. I can’t believe I’m saying that. so many people have already moved here that the cost of living has skyrocketed and rent has tripled. No ONES LICENSE PLATE SAYS COLORADO….I was born and raised here. If and when it gets to a point where the government cracks down on opoid use and I can no longer take the little that I DO USE, than I will learn the advantage of THC quickly and easily as its everywhere here.

        1. I tried the cbd capsules it was only 10% cannabis and it did nothing for me.. Sure hope ehatever this’s gona work I’ve been suffering for 20 years..and believe it or not marajuna makes my body ache horrible when I smile it don’t have a clue of why this is but it does..I live in WV and it’s not legal here yet but sure wish I lived wher I could try different ones t or different things that would help..I’m thinkin the thx is what dies it to me..maybe umm allergic to it..who knows..good luck everyone sure hope ther is a cure for all of’s a horrible desease..and living hell to deal with..

        2. What’s the winter weather like for you? We go there for summer vacation, but have not been during winter. We live in Texas and it doesn’t seem as if marijuana will be legal any time soon (thanks, Gov. Greg Abbott). ANY change in barometer (winter, spring, summer, fall) HURTS!!!!!!! Eleven years now and every year gets worse.

      8. I am on oxygen at night and also now in a wheelchair. I have fibro but pain from the spine that is eat up with arthritis and knees that need to be replaced make the Fibromyalgia pain secondary. I once went for a pedicure and when they began massaging my calf muscles and all of my lower legs, the pain was intense and I made him stop. My muscles ALL over hurt when you press on them. I have wanted a muscle biopsy for a long time but no one will do one. I want to see what it is in my muscles that make them hurt so badly. When I take an antibiotic for something it makes me feel better all over. Go figure. I have been pushing for CBD oil to be more available and it would also be great for patients if insurance would cover it. It can help so many people with so many ailments and no HIGH. Our senators need to hear from all of us as to why we need the CBD available. My sister is taking it and it has helped her digestive track when the Gastro doctors could do nothing more for her. I have seen for myself what it can do and the many different things it can help. It is real folks ..

        1. Try using Tumeric and honey mix , together about half and half to make a paste, take one tablespoon at night and one in the morning. It really helped my hands and my joints, I have arthritis and fibro,

          1. Turmeric doesn’t really absorb well in the system, read up on it…you really need to add black pepper to it for it to absorb

      9. Kathy Hammond’s, in Ohio the doctors have done away with prescribing Opioids. And, haven’t voted in the use of Medical Marijuana yet either. I was on the Fentanyl patch, Tramadol, and Gabapentin.. They had me using 125 Mg’s. Of the Fentanyl Patches. Which is two patches at the same time. Because of all the people using the drugs for other uses other than prescribed. My doctor decided to quit prescribing all the drugs, And, quit treating patients with chronic pain. He said he would still be my doctor, but not treat me for my pain. I ask him what I was suppose to do? He said he’d send me to a pain clinic. The pain clinic wouldn’t help me cause my back is to to much of a mess. And, they can’t put a needle in my back. So, they wouldn’t see me. And, told me to go back to my family doctor, and he was gonna have to prescribe me over the counter drugs. I told them my family doctor refuses to. That’s why he sent me to them. They said they’d send him a note. I went back to my family doctor and he still refuses to treat my Fibromyalgia. Let me tell you. I’m not a fan of Marijuana. But, at this point, I’m about to try anything, cause I hurt so bad.

      10. FMS is debilitating. I was unable to work for years without strong medication. I really feel for you, in a wheelchair, on Oxygen.

    2. Not sure what area of KY you’re in but I live in this state as well. I have excellent doctors that are very active in my treatment and making me as comfortable as possible. University of Louisville has more than done me justice. Maybe you should consider switching doctors not states. Just saying.

    3. Hi, Oh, my goodness! They took you off meds! Can you sue Dr! It’s bad enough w opiate addictions, they won’t allow benzodizapams to be given w opiates! There went my Valium and sleep. They reduced my narcotic dose, also..
      But, I’m better off than most. Technically, if it’s AV malformations close to capillary lever, I would think, it would mean more bliod flow. No pain. Less blood flow would be ischemic in nature( low oxygen to site). An Aspirin/day should help to keep blood thin to flow through tiny vessels. YouTube has a chiropractor that has it right, I think. STRESS=GI trouble=IBS=gut leakage=scant continual stool leakage throughout body=mild peritonitis=generalized inflammation=pain! Calm down! Help gut w preprobiotics and probiotics,spinal adjustments to help gut. Seems plausible. Eating kimchee has the effect of killing overgrown yeast in gut. That allows good bacteria to grow. MAYBE??

      1. they took me off of my Xanex… there goes sleep as well as help with anxiety attacks. life really sucks, I never asked to be sick and am tired of being treated like a criminal with the med’s that I have to take in order to make it through the day. once a month have to go to pain management for my med’s and truthfully all it does is take the edge off, doesn’t really eliminate the pain.

      2. Thank you I also do the Kimchee and sauerkraut believe the gut /bowel is important and I agree with you re the blood flow and starting the low dose asprin again willing to try anything Pain is debilitating. Wont smoke it but would try the cannabis oil if legal here in Queensland. Hoping the legal system will change so medical Marijuana is available. Keep praying and try to be positive but hard sometimes and the people who say to change my attitude be positive etc really need to walk in my shoes for a week. Thanks for you input.

    4. I empathise, all Fibro texts mention Americans, but us here in U.K. and world wide suffer too. I doubt any treatment will be available in my life time unless I move to the States!

      1. Move to CANADA!
        In Canada we can purchase pure hemp oil capsules at many herbal stores. we get ours at a Nutter’s outlet Both my wife and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after injury accidents (24 years ago for me) and recently tried the cannabis oil capsules with very good results. We are fortunate to live in a relatively free country!

      2. Seriously! I eat all the right things, avoid all the wrong. My own body won’t let me take meds. My suffering is my own, God meant it to be, but to be flat out with held from relief??

    5. Hi Jan. Same here. I booked myself into the psyciatric ward in order to get some relief from a paychiayrist that can prescribe pills to block the nerotransmitters. It is getting better for me now but I understand thàt I cant live on pills for the rest of my life.

    6. Jan, Bless your heart. Ky is so backward; I live here too. But I have a great GP and my husband is a pharmacist so together they’ve kept me going. I also have a very bad back. I take Lyrica, which has a lot of side effects but does help w stiffness and aches, Celebrex for the inflammation, something for depression and Norco for severe pain and migraines and back pain. I hope you can find a good physician who understands us and will treat you properly. Why would they take you off all your meds! Ridiculous. Best of luck.

    7. aww thats not fair on you and so sorry to read this.
      tbh a cpl of my family members suffer with this and after seeing good results using juice plus fruit veg and berry blend capsules i now pay attention.
      Have to agree with the statement above Clean Eating And Diet Change must be worth a try for all of you who havent tried it..

    8. Jan, you sound like your dilemma has become desperate. IMO, you need to take your story to your state representative and the news. I am sure you are not the only person this is happening to in KY. Reach out to your policymakers and ask them why you cannot get your medications. Contact your church if you have one and if you don’t have one get one. Try to find other people like you in KY and form a group. Take action!

  2. Now for a cure i hope. Also has to be something that sets these nerves off. Like they say , as in trauma. Praying for all who have this Chronic Illness as in all others.

  3. This is wonderful news! I’ll be glad when they have something to really get rid of the overall extreme pain! Thank you

  4. I suffer from fibromyalgia and would like more information on cures or treatments for it. I prefer natural ones, but I am still entrinsed in pharmasuticle ones.

    1. I have suffered debilitating pain for many years, and about five months ago my daughter asked me to support her in a diet she was trying to lose weight, but this diet was also supposed to reduce inflammation in the body so I went on it, it is called whole 30, and to my surprise within two weeks my pain level went from 9 to 2 , Brain fog was gone, and I got my energy back, give it a try for 30 days so far all my friends with fibromyalgia have tried it and they have all experienced the same remarkable recovery!

      1. Hi Maria would you help me with that diet that reduces inflammation. I have Find I, arthritis, and spinal stenosis and I rack with pain. I would appreciate your come back. Thanks

      2. Maria , were you eating 30 fruits and vegetables for 30 days and no longer? How long did the inflamation stay away?

      3. I’m going to try whole 30! I’m on mess that take the edge off the pain, but would love to be rid of those flare ups!

      4. The Whole 30 has been a miracle for me as well. I highly recommend it! But you need to stay on it….not just the 30 days. I can’t believe the difference

      5. I work at being mostly gluten free, I feel a great improvement when I am free of gluten. what is the whole 30 that you mentioned? I’m always looking for help. thanks in advance, Bev form Nebraska.

      6. If only people would focus on the causes, they might get much closer to finding simple solutions. Putting your faith in big pharma only benefits big pharma. Maria you have hit the nail on the head with one word. INFLAMMATION. Focus on reducing inflammation and that will help with a great number of chronic conditions. Think diet, lifestyle and particularly the right sort of hydration.

      7. Marie I looked up whole 30 and their are 3 different ones, different authors can you tell me who the authors is. Thank you so much I’m excited to try it. Anything to help. Oh and thank you for sharing.

      8. Maria, what’s the name of the supplements that greatly reduced your pain?
        I’m asking for myself, lowering my average daily painlevel and getting off all the narcotics and being able to get pregnant. I don’t have very many years left of firtility.

      9. What is the diet? Does it have anything to do with Apple cider vinegar? I’m being told it helps. For me right now nothing is helping short of pain killers. I am a school bus driver and cannot depend on narcotics I have had to suffer through with Tylenol and Gabapentin

      10. So strange.. But I also have fibromyalgia, my physio told me I have. But didt go to test.. I have very sensitive hands. I’m a massage therapist. And my body is often sore. I sleep a lot.. But removing gluten and milk have helped a lot.
        I’m not sure what they found out is totally right. I believe something else is missing. A connection between our food that been so manipulated by pesticides, gmo.. And how some poeples are more sensitive than other..
        I’m sure sure glut egg n and milk out of the diet help. But don’t supress totally..

      11. What type of diet was it? I would love to try it as I could loss the weight and my pain level is off the charts along with fatigue and brain fog, lightheadness and trouble with balance so tired of not being able to do anything

        1. tbh a cpl of my family members suffer with this and after seeing good results using juice plus fruit veg and berry blend capsules i now pay attention to helpful information.
          Have to agree with the statement mentioned a few times above Clean Eating And Diet Change must be worth a try for all of you who havent tried it..

    2. Check into a medical device called Bemer.. it’s helps bring oxygen to those ting blood vessels and carries out the toxins that make us sore. It’s not invasive and isn’t not a drug.

      1. I did gastric by pass …have lost 50+ pounds and pain has almost disappeared…,glad they found the reason for fibro and can now really help people….I,guess excess weight has something to do with having excessive blood vessels … some cases.

    3. I have a dr who is also a naturopath .Low Dose Naltrexone 1.5 mg at night has reduced my pain markedly .Then for me melatonin before bed has helped with better quality sleep .Pain not gone but life has improved a lot .

      1. I can’t find a doc here in CT to prescribe LDN. I’ve BEGGED. They all say the same thing…”try this (other thing) first.” . Savella finally worked, but the cost is 400+ / month. LDN is approx $30/ month.

        1. Rebecca, they work for you. Empower yourself and tell them what you want. If they say try another drug just say no and stick up for yourself. We know our own bodies. We are all different. They don’t have all the answers. Remember they are just “practicing”.

    4. Hello Jeanie, my name is Julie Davis, the news of the source is great! I believe I may have a solution for you! How would it make you feel to have energy and feel better with a clear mind on a daily basis, Francis I was diagnosed in 2013 after a year of painful episodes and tests. I have more of the chronic fatigue constantly and inflammation, but when a flare up hits, it puts me in bed with pain like the flu on steroids 1000% with these products, the last 2 flare ups, my last one 2 weekends ago, I didn’t have to take any ibprophen. I haven’t had to use any ibprophen now for months now. I’ve only missed 1 day of work in the last year. My work is very hard and strenuous, I stock shelves in a warehouse full time and I’m 54 yrs old. Let me know , I will send you a video so you can understand why and how you can get back a better quality of life!

      1. Julie, I have had FMS for over 25 years’ and not only the pain and fatigue, the restless leg syndrome is really bad. The only think that helps with the RLS is tramadol. I tried wiening myself off the tramadol but then the RLS comes back. Any remedy for that?

    5. Holly F Tiedemann
      Lyrica helped me tremendously…only because!!!! by starting with only 25 mg. a day for 4 days, if no signs of sickness, add another 25 mg. a day, making it 50 mg. a day, if after 4 days at 50 mg. a day, with no sickness, add another 25 mg. a day for 4 days making it 75 mg. a day, etc. By doing it this way your body takes it in slow and gives it time to except it. I am on 150 mg. 2 times a day now and it has taken at least 80% of my pain from the Fibro. away. It’s like Heaven and you know what I mean. This way I did not get sick. The 1st time a doc gave me it, it made me sick, but I know now why, he gave me to large of a dose to start. You talk to your doc and you together make the decision, they are not the boss. If they say 25 mg. 3 x a day to start, NO, that’s to much to start, you have to do it slow. I went another 10 years in pain, just thinking I couldn’t take it…share this, get it out there!

      1. The problem with Lyrica is that it works great for awhile but then you have to increase the dose. I finally maxed out on the dosage and had to switch to gabapentin.

  5. All pain is in your head because if you did not have a brain you would not consciously feel it or suffer. The origin of the pain is as they state, in the nerves that seem to be overactive. Cut off my head and I am free of pain…and dead! It is sad that a disease that has been described for more than twenty years is still poorly treated and poorly diagnosed. Many doctors know nothing about it. Sadly, it makes up a big proportion of the 100,000,000 that suffer chronic pain!

    1. Thank you for your comment, its validating and chronic suffers of pain don’t get that very much! I myself have mitochondria myopathy. MELAS and secondary l carnitine deficiency with added on a fibromyalgia diagnosis also. Digested puncture tests biopsies up and down my leg and found small fiber neuropathy and probably large fiber neuropathy. And the workings of that sound exactly like what they found in the fibromyalgia patient.

      1. Hello Noelina, my name is Julie Davis, the news of the source is great! I believe I may have a solution for you! How would it make you feel to have energy and feel better with a clear mind on a daily basis, Francis I was diagnosed in 2013 after a year of painful episodes and tests. I have more of the chronic fatigue constantly and inflammation, but when a flare up hits, it puts me in bed with pain like the flu on steroids 1000% with these products, the last 2 flare ups, my last one 2 weekends ago, I didn’t have to take any ibprophen. I haven’t had to use any ibprophen now for months now. I’ve only missed 1 day of work in the last year. My work is very hard and strenuous, I stock shelves in a warehouse full time and I’m 54 yrs old. Let me know , I will send you a video so you can understand why and how you can get back a better quality of life!

    2. I’ve had this disease for 15 years been on every medication you can think of now I’m taking Tramadol and anti-depressant anti-anxiety pill Gabapentin as I cannot afford Lyrica I was doing good on Lyrica but my insurance company wants to charge me $600 a month I stay away from all the hydrocortisone the Percocet that stuff doesn’t work the Tramadol it all has work for me so much I’ve had children with it I’ve had to set a healthy twins I’m taking it for 15 years I’m not saying that once you take it away for me I’m not going to have problems but it has work for me and I’m so excited about this news I would love to make a change not be on any medications I hate it so much!!!!!!!

      1. Pain is “perceived” in the brain, but the signal transmission does NOT BEGIN THERE. Your comment is biologically irrelevant.

    3. Fibromyalgia has been around for more than 20 years. Try the 1800’s. Before physicians started diagnosing women, through a process of elimination of other illnesses, they use to just lock women up, because it was all in their heads​. Not brains, their minds. They were crazy.

      1. I was first diagnose with Myofacial Pain Syndrome, in 1989. The name Fibromyalgia became more popular a few years later. I’d all ready had it at least 15 years, by then. I’d been sent to several psychiatrists, given steroid shots into my spine, which made it MUCH worse. The stupidest one was the doc who told me all I needed to do was bent knee sit ups, and should start with three sets of 20, three times a day!. So, start doing 180 sit ups a day, when I was in so much pain I could barely think! Such arrogant jerks! Many seem to think they are such geniuses that, if whatever you have isn’t immediately obvious to them, you must have made it up!

    4. I wonder how many people suffering from fibromyalgia are on unnecessary blood pressure medication.?I was on 1) Atacand
      2) Cervosyl
      then 3)Vasocardol over a three year period. I eventually took myself off it and felt better almost immediately.It turned out after tests that I didn’t need to be on them. They must have been dilating my blood vessels and causing all sorts of problems with my health.
      I would be grateful if you could look into this as maybe being a cause.
      Thanks Colleen

    5. Thank you for your comment & obvious understanding of the lack of knowledge by most medical professionals about this
      perplexing, agonizing syndrome!
      I’ve suffered with it for 35 years! Was even bedridden for 3 yrs! I’ve researched & tried everything natural & pharmaceutical. I could write a book!
      However, the most valuable info I would like to share is:
      Reduce inflammation mainly by an anti-inflammitory diet. No processed or refined foods! Less meat, starch, no sugar, no fried food, lots of fresh veggies & fruit, wild sockeye salmon or trout. Prepare your own food in a healthy way.
      Keep moving! Strengthen your core muscles, try yoga, moderate hiking & swimming.
      Do things to take your mind off the pain. Decrease stress somehow. Read, write, paint, color, go for a walk, get massages!
      Establish good sleep habits if u can. Sleep is your best friend! But during the night is when you can get into the deepest sleep which will help tremendously!
      Just wanted to share this with you.
      Patti Gomez RN

  6. I have suffered for many years. I am currently on RX Lyrica which a pain center advised, and it works ok but I have a real problem walking and being fatigued but the worst part is what they call the “Lyrica Fog” and they also call it Fibromyalgia Fog. My short term memory is awful and I never feel like my real self. But it is better than pain which I had through my whole body. Could not even raise my arms high. I am 68 yrs. old still young, and I want to be me again and able to walk without pain anymore!
    Please keep me updated. I hope this doesn’t take till I am really old till they have a cure or at least a new drug or something new!! Thank you!

    1. I had the same exact issues and got off the gluten foods . The pains swelling and brain fog all subsided within a month . I don’t eat processed foods bc it causes too much pain. So some of the issues I had with having fibro is due to the foods I ate.

    2. Lyrica made me so suicidal and .E and my sisters short term memory where like completely gone from Lyrica to the point we couldn’t take it

      1. I also have experienced memory loss and “word blocking” ,you know the word an its like on the tip of your tongue but can’t connect, olny new medication I was taking was Lyrica

      2. Yes…I was on lyricia and cymbalra ….the drugs prescribed for fibro…..they did offer me some relief but I was at the point of acting on my suicidal thoughts……so I threw them away and so went any relief I was having….
        I also have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis…. The pain and fatigue is debilitating…
        I pray this will open doors for us all that suffer with this horrible pain.

      3. Everyone is different, remember that…it works great for me…I have other side effects but nothing I can’t live with, the Fibro pain I couldn’t live with, but finally after suffering for 25 years, that’s to my doc letting me take control of my med. and started slowly…:D

    3. lyrica warning if you do not feel like yourself, it does have side effects of suicide and other horrid things. i would rather have fibro symptoms witbout the added side effects of even more from lyrica

    4. My opinion is that Lyrica can add to the “fog”. You do have the choice to try other treatments.investigate, investigate and investigate, learn all you can and make an informed decision. Remember that you can always change your mind about any treatment you choose

    5. What I did, just fyi Maureen…Holly F Tiedemann
      Lyrica helped me tremendously…only because!!!! by starting with only 25 mg. a day for 4 days, if no signs of sickness, add another 25 mg. a day, making it 50 mg. a day, if after 4 days at 50 mg. a day, with no sickness, add another 25 mg. a day for 4 days making it 75 mg. a day, etc. By doing it this way your body takes it in slow and gives it time to except it. I am on 150 mg. 2 times a day now and it has taken at least 80% of my pain from the Fibro. away. It’s like Heaven and you know what I mean. This way I did not get sick. The 1st time a doc gave me it, it made me sick, but I know now why, he gave me to large of a dose to start. You talk to your doc and you together make the decision, they are not the boss. If they say 25 mg. 3 x a day to start, NO, that’s to much to start, you have to do it slow. I went another 10 years in pain, just thinking I couldn’t take it…share this, get it out there!

    6. With all of the side affects you mentioned, does the lyrica really help you or could it be that with the loss of memory and a fog of reality be interfering with the reality that you are still the same. I took lyrica and it did the same thing as well as swelling , hands hurting relentlessly.
      , stiffness and sore muscles and now neuropathy in my feet and legs and hands. . I have resorted to thinking that this condition is my fate in life for all of the neglect that I bestowed on my younger body. I thought I was invincible back then and push on until I have my life now as very slow and in constant pain that is just not a subject that I care to discuss with anyone that doesn’t have or share my similar situation. I am 67 And feel and walk like 100 most of the time. Good luck to all and everyone too. I will try anything if it’s even a hint of hope to release my pain. Thanks for reading all of this.

    7. Took me 8 months to get off the lyrica, supposed to be worse than coming off of heroin, it certainly felt like it (not that I’ve tried heroin). Lyrica is a terrible drug.

  7. I saw this exact same post over two years ago! Why hasn’t anything new in the way of treatment come out of this already???

    1. Because the pharm.companies are making a bundle on the anti depressants,and opioid- based pain meds which are dolled out like Halloween candy.My friend suffers tremendously from this condition.I pray daily for a cure or mefs that actually work.I too saw this article yrs ago.Good luck to you.

      1. This is funny, odd about pain meds, I can’t get any pain meds on a regular basis to treat my ongoing every moment of every day frustrating debilitating pain. Dry say push through it move, move and move some more. I went to the YMCA to get water exercises and the more I moved the worse I got. I felt like I had the weight of that pool o my back. Has anyone heard of the barometric pressure head ache? It’s like a hangover and the weight of pressure sits on your shoulders and just burn. When massaged, it helps but doesn’t get rid of the pressure until it leoaves o its on. It’s usually on cloudy days.

      2. I would pay just as much for a new med that actually works than all the opioids and antidepressants that I now take. As many fibro patients as there are, why would they keep away something that works? Too many ppl fall back on conspiracy theories. And, no I don’t work in pharmaceuticals.

    2. Because the FDA requires years and years of testing before they let anything out on the market. I would love to be part of a trial!

  8. People, you alsomust find the appropriate exercise, gwntle cardio, weights and yoga, to helo manage stress, stay hydrated and eat enough calories! As well as gentle massage, and use of heat and cold therapies.
    A pill or surgery etc. Will not solve all

    1. Some like myself know physical therapy is of tremendous benefit. Pain is a variable and must be treated in varying ways. Dealing with chronic lupus related, fibro, kidney, arthritis, bursitus, broken, hip/femur and avascular necrosis that has deteriorated my left knee so far. I do treat my pain with few narcotic meds, majority being holistic attempts, Epsom salt, heat, cold, rest, massage ETC if you take the physical therapy away because it now causes too much pain you have lost your biggest helper. I had no choice I need a knee replaced and couldn’t continue what I found to help me the most… Use Epsom Salt baths, creams, salt caves or trendy soak clubs they will give you the magnesium our body depletes at a rapid rate.
      Magnesium is what makes our meds function completely.

    2. You obviously have not lived with the pain that many of these women have lived with for many years. I’ve lived with it, and have tried many approaches. I was a very active woman before, riding horses, running, playing soccer. This slowly stopped as the disease took over my life. I’ve put on weight, the doctors have tried various meds from Lyrica, Nurontin, and now Savella. I’ve tried various diet adjustments, eliminating inflammatory foods as well as processed foods. No change in pain. I’ve tried meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy (which helps some), essential oils, yoga…pretty much any thing that anyone has suggested to me. So before you start shooting off quick draw from the hip directions/judgements I suggest you breathe and try to consider where the people have been already been on this blog. Best regards. Namaste.

    3. So easy to say, but when you are in pain, or depression, fatigued you cannot think productively so you can do these things. I don’t mean to contradict youur comment, but I find this impossible to do.. Like telling the cold you have to stop the symptoms immediately

      1. Balderdash! You are even in worse shape than you think you are if you allow your pain/illnesses to be your excuse for poor manners/conduct! One’s character—whether good or bad—is what comes through regardless of one’s bodily ills. I’m not talking about the occasional snapping at a loved one, or even anyone else, because of the severity or just sheer exhaustion of constant pain; then, a meaningful apology will set things right. That’s well-formed character. But one’s character is extremely shriveled if bodily ills are permitted to dictate one’s lack of decency, decorum, empathy, or respect for what others are going through. You say, “So easy to say,” but good character rises above one’s circumstances & can still be a blessing. In short, none of us ought to use our pain to justify being a pain in someone else’s life.

        1. Moxie – Very well said! It’s so refreshing to read comments that are not only pertinent, but are also a shining example of good grammar, clarity of message & proper spelling.
          My right hip developed a hairline stress-fracture while I was pregnant with my youngest child. This went undiagnosed and was accompanied by excruciating pain for approximately 18 months. It snapped while walking up the stairs. That was almost 7 years ago…my right femur & hip still drive my pain level into the 7-9 range on a daily basis. I also have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis & degenerative disc (as well as PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder & anxiety). I see a pain management specialist (in Tulsa, OK) and am currently prescribed Fentanyl, Percocet & Lyrica. I read this article half-believing it would turn out to be an advertisement. I plan to ask my doctor about this
          Also, I read the above comment about “Whole 30” and I’m pretty sure she’s talking about the no-processed foods diet. I want to try it but can’t stand for very long. I’m only 47 and pain controls my life 🙁

  9. I was diagnosed at 21. I am now almost 61. Age makes fibro worse too. Or maybe I am just so tired of hurting all the time that the pain consumes me. Please, please, work quickly on getting a cure out there so no one needs to live their entire life in pain. I am praying for all fibro sufferers, their medical staff, and the researchers. Praying for a cure!

    1. I used to be in so much pain I didnt know how I could cope another day
      I found a dr who was also a naturopath .I went off gluten and the brain fog dissappeared then Low dose Naltexone ( need a compound chemist ) 1.5 mg I found the pain refuced markedly then recently started on melatonin before bed has helped sleep quality .This has also helped pain levels .Life is now bearable .Still have pain but nowhere near how it was .Have had fibro 20 years and am now 63 .

    2. I totally agree with that I’ve had for 15 years I’m 45 years old and it gets worse every year specially when I had my twins in my thirties it made it a lot worse but I would do the twin part again because I love them

  10. Why were you threw into the psych ward Jan. That’s terrible. I’ve always admired America but not so much their Healthcare. Do you all not have to pay for it too?

  11. I am a retired nurse who has been suffering from fibromyalgia for at least 5 years . I also have the chronic fatique and fuo . Before being given this diagnose I always felt like they called conditions fibromyalgia if they did not know anything else to call it . The physician i was working for when this started has been wonderful but nothing seems to help the pain or fatique .I would be very interested in any trials .

    1. I was taking Vasocardol for blood pressure.I had all the symptoms described for fibromyalgia.One day I just stopped taking it as I felt like I was taking poison.Two days later I felt so much better and am slowly getting back to walking without pain etc. I went to my doctor and she put me on a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring device and it turns out I didn’t need to be on them.So the effects of the drug were causing all the pain, mainly in my legs and hips. I hope this post helps someone towards finding relief as I had three years of agony and feel it has taken years off my life, unnessesarily.

  12. My daughter has fibromyalgia it was finally diagnosed by a rhuemetologist in Massachusetts she now lives in Georgia and Really don’t know what they are doing for her there. I know she does everything possible to stay active and out of a wheelchair. It seems she has had this since she was around 8 years old.

    1. I am in N GA and the humidity here is rough, but the really damp cold is rougher. I try to make sure I have daily responsibilities, grandchildren, pets, and when he gets home, the most wonderful husband ever. I’ve got the best Dr. I could ask for, and he does all he can for me. Marijuana is illegal here, causes my vertigo to be worse anyway, but opiods are still allowed, for now.
      I live in daily pain but am incredibly blessed, hope your daughter is as well.
      The weather in GA really is no good for chronic pain.

  13. Awesome news. I’ve suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. Looking forward to new research as to how to help manage it better or in all reality give me my life back, and the lives of so many others who have had to suffer for all these years.

  14. I have suffered for many years and some doctors do try to act like it’s all in your head, however what if it was them suffering Daily like me and other’s.
    Praise God for the Awesome News.
    Thank You Jesus. Please help me from hurting so bad every day and being so tired all the time. Amen

  15. Praise God for a Breakthrough!
    Praying God will keep these Doctors safe from whoever is killing them for working on cures.
    Finally some hope for this pain!

  16. I still maintain, having run a Fibromyalgia support group and heard everyone’s stories, that much of the pain stems from overproduction of cortisols, which causes inflammatory responses, in the fight/fright response. So many people I know have had long-term stress which leads to fibro developing. I’m no scientist, but just observe your lives and also your acidic diets. I keep my fibro at bay by cutting out caffeine, alcohol, sugar, red meat, and wheat, and acid cheeses, all acidic foods. I then bath in Magnesium flakes. If I don’t get too stressed I am generally OK. Meditation, swimming and singing are all good for stress too! But it’s NOT in the mind alone……Good luck everyone.p.s I have written a book about Fibromyalgia too, based on my own experiences.

    1. Wow that definitely makes a lot of sense .Only thing my 6 year old son got it who is now 26 .What sort of stress would he have been under ?.If he was under stress why didnt any of my other children get it ?Our whole family had whooping cough .I didnt recover and was diagnosed with post viral syndrome then 6 months later Cfs the after 4 years of extreme pain and fatigue fibromyalgia .Only my son ended up with the same .The other 3 recovered ..

    2. Hi Angela. Much of the causation you refer to, I can also support as I too have onsets if I eat or over endulg in some of those foods etc. your book you refer to> what is the title and where can it be obtained? Regards Derek

    3. Hi there totally agree with your comments, have had this now for 30 years, has caused a lot I discomfort for me, and stopped me from keeping up things I love. I do exercise but not enough to keep fit, too painful. Thank you fir your words. Robyn

    4. Correct and everyone needs to remember that we are all different and respond differently to medications and alternative therapies. But I will saw Magnesium Flakes or Magnesium oil topically mixed with a couple drops of carrier oil helps tremendously. ALOT OF us are defiecient in Magnesium in return causing VIt D deficiency. So important if your dr has not tested you for B12, Vit D, total thyroid panel, and other regular labs you need to have it done. If any ofbtjese are off it can cause pain as well. Unfortunately a lot of us deal with multiple chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases, not just Fibro alone so controlling pain in huge group of people is complicated. But everyone stay strong, speak up, and most importantly BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATES Never let anyone put you down because it is not all in your head,

  17. I was just diagnosed after dugfering in pain with back, migranes, knee, neck, feet and leg and hip pain. Denial works but a girl can only take so much. Exercise and weight loss helps but not enough. Need to find a cure or pain assistance treatment. San Diego.

    1. Definitely agree weight loss helps. I went off the medication lost 15kgs. I still have daily pain, but the medication was doing me more harm than good, turning me into a zombie. Magnesium taken daily is also very helpful

    2. Hi Janice. I too get these excruciating pain in those areas you talk of, for many years, Drs have tested me several time for the rheumatoid factor? But nothing ever comes up, so they just put me on pain relief medication and advise excercise but at times this is not possible due to pain and stiffness, it seems a Fibromyalgia diagnosis may be more evident.

  18. I too am interested and hopeful this is the cure. I would love to have no more pain, and learn to enjoy life.

  19. Of course, any advancement with accurate findings is greatly welcomed. I’m just wondering what that does to the 18 trigger points (theory), certainly not limited to just our hands, legs, & feet. How does one get treated for “excess blood vessels”? Regardless, in agreement with some of the comments above, maybe now doctors will get on the same page as the scientists & this disease will be taken more seriously, instead of charging the patient with the false accusation that it is all in her head.

  20. Even to know it is considered a disease and not just in my head. I’d love to have more info I can share with my many doctors. I am, too, also willing to help test suggested medications as that is what my doctors already have me doing in trying to find a combination that will work. What does seem to work is a low grade narcotic on an as needed based but they worry about possible addiction (of thirty 10 mg of oxycodone a month). Cut off from what works, I am left to struggle through life in constant chronic pain.

    1. Low dose naltrexone absolutely no side affects .Melatonin to help sleep absolutely no side affects .Cut out Gluten helps too.

  21. I also have Fibro and taking Lyrica. I know about the fog as well. I can’t take the amt of meds they say I néed because I cant function and have a full time job that requires a lot of mental alertness. My husband and I have also noticed my short term memory but didn’t think it could be related to Lyrica. I frankly think most of my family think I am crazy, have no pain tolerance and do not understand the fatigue. I would be willing to try new meds but my dr has yet to offer anything new. This is first time I have seen this article and you can bet that it will go with me to my next check up.

      1. Hi Angela. My doctor did several rheumatoid factor test but nothing ever shows up to give a positive diagnosis. Many people in the group chat, talk of certain foods ,stress over exsertion bringing on more severe attacks, even when my symptoms are at there least painful it’s a relief from when the attack are more severe as then ime physically wiped out and my head had a foggyness to it? Like an hangover, and have since been able to associate some of the foods members of the group speak of to the attacks.

    1. I discussed that issue with my physician. I read an article about Lyrica and brain synopses (or something like that, apologies). The gist was that Lyrica prevents the brain synopses from making new connections. If I remember correctly, this has to do with learning new things & memory (tip-of-the-tongue syndrome LOL). I think it’s something that CAN happen. It helps me more than it hurts (I take 75 mg at 10 am & 4 pm, then 100 at bedtime). I totally agree with the comment above which advised very gradually increasing dose.

  22. I’m just coming off my first 6 month flare of terrible pain, chronic fatigue, fibro fog. In the past, I have only had fairly short flares. This flare found me wondering if I wanted to live, when I couldn’t do anything I enjoy doing. I still having lingering knee pain. Had an Xray and MRI of my knee, but nothing showed up.
    I lead a relaxed life, not much stress at all. I try to eat healthy, but this last bout has kept me from exercise. (as I told the Dr, if I had a walker, I would have used it). I’m a little skeptical about these findings, but if it is true, and it leads to a cure, I’d love to know about it. I’ve had this disease now for well over 15 years. (In addition to the pain, I also suffer from depression, digestive issues, back issues, etc)

    1. I too have fibro really bad. I had a stroke, and fibromyalgia started just after, at 54yr. So many more issues then hands and feet! Narcotics are the only thing that works for me. At 61, I’m worried about getting out of bed, not over dosing. I am willing to take a chance on addiction, then be in constant pain.

  23. i have muscles pain so bad i have a hard time walking bad pain in my neck glandes all my muscles about a month or 2 i have had it realy hurts sounds like fibromyalgia so painful i am only 64 been on my couch for couple of days!!

    1. Hi Donna. I too have these symptoms and they are very debilitating and physically wipe you out for some time. Many people in the chat group are suggesting some food also have a cause, of which I can agree with on looking back at certain times and foods I’ve eaten.

  24. The inflammation is not caused by blood vessels. The blood vessels were most likely created by the need for increased help. I would look into discovering the cause of the inflammation, such as allergies, to such common allergens as wheat, gluten, milk, cheese, animal protein, pesticides in the foods we eat. After you clean up the diet for 6 months, the symptoms will most likely dissapear.

    1. Agreed.. Eating acidic foods destroys the myelin sheath. The cover that protects the nerves.. MSG and many hidden foods cause this.. Usually back aches are signs you have this problem.. You can correct this problem by eating or drinking dark leafy plants like Kale, Moringa, spinach etc.. and stay away from any pain killers , which make it worse ..

    2. Btdt for years at a time. Even eliminated nightshade and acids. Not one bit of difference. I know everyone is different, so understand that this answer isn’t the cure all for everyone or even the majority.

    3. Not True! I was diagnosed 37 years ago, back when most people had not heard of it! I tried, researched, did everything imaginable to find a cure or at least some relief! It is the blood vessels! Inflammation can be caused by irritated blood vessels! I know because in 2002 I suffered a traumatic brain injury! When nerve endings that run along with the blood vessels get irritated, it causes the blood vessels to swell! I get what some would call a severe migraine but in fact it is called cerebral vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessel system in the vein)! In essence, Blood vessels can become inflamed and cause other tissues to become inflamed as well!

      1. I was diagnosed 30 yrs ago and I too have the worst headaches that send me to the hospital,, My hands and legs suffer terribly and my shoulders, fatiage hits me monthly.. We all need a cure not a response with, well it is un treatable UGH

    4. I feel like I’m going to find out I’m allergic to something in my house! Either that or I’m allergic to my pain meds! I’ve tried the diet thing not wholeheartedly but nothing ever makes a difference except less stress. Move more, move less, it never matters. There is no rhyme or reason to this. The only constant is that every year I can do less. And I found out that fibro is apparently friend repellent. I don’t have any left. It’s so unfair that we look OK but ate screaming on the inside. We are just as disabled as a person who has a visible disease. If a cure never happens, I would like to at least see us all get the compassion and respect we deserve. Thank you for letting me vent!

    5. I would pay just as much for a new med that actually works than all the opioids and antidepressants that I now take. As many fibro patients as there are, why would they keep away something that works? Too many ppl fall back on conspiracy theories. And, no I don’t work in pharmaceuticals.

  25. Truly….if this is as it seems then i am ecstatic that there has been this breakthrough. I have suffered from this devastating illness for over twenty years and spent the majority of that time being told i was a hypochondriac and that it was in my head. Was very hurtful and frustrating dealing with the accusatory and pitying glances from gps, psychiatrists and the likes. Am so debilitated by fibro on a daily basis that my two little boys may have to be fostered during the week. Any possibikity of a cure and i am in on being a guinea pig to test any new treatments. What else have i got to lose. Good luck to us all xx

    1. I had a rhuemie who thank God finally retired. New rhuemie has turned my life around. Savella. Please look into it. It was developed for fibro. The difference is mind blowing. I read the good, the bad and the ugly on it. What else did I have to lose? When you’ve got rock bottom, there’s no place yo go but up.
      Good luck.

      1. I’m wondering if the increase in adrenaline is tolerable. I almost tried savella years ago but I have heart arrhythmias that won’t tolerate any form of stimulation. Please post more about how it made you feel.

        1. Honestly, cough medicine gives me arrhythmias. SAVELLA hasn’t given me any trouble with my heart. I take 50 mg in am.,50 mg in pm. My side effects: constipation (colace) and dry mouth(3 hrs after taking it. Sugar free gum or mints cures that). I was getting bad hot flashes during the day. I also take neurontin (for a couple of things) and if I stagger that correctly, I have no hot flashes at all. My quality of life is amazing now. Ive missed out on so much that I’m grateful every day for savella.

          1. How much savella do you take a day? I was taken off cymbals and put on savella, but it’s (the pain) getting worse – it seems daily. Under so much family stress (not from my fibromyalgia) and I know that makes the pain worse. It even hurts to touch my legs together. Bursitis in my hips and knees – I would like to soak in a tub of lidocaine…

  26. I have read the article and though it was interesting I don’t understand how can it be excessive blood vessels.. I have severe fibromyalga my body hurts from my head to my toes. I have no numbness in my hands or feet. I thank God I have an awesome doctor and therapist for my depression. I definitely believe more research is needed concerning fibromyalga. This illness affects us mentally, emotionally and physically I don’t wish it upon nobody.

    1. I have been diagnosed with moderate fibro and I am hopeful but like you I also have a problem with the article. How does this explain fibro fog? I often lose my words and concentration and have balance issues. I do however have a lot of problems with the palms of my hands and my feet so maybe this is a break thru on a partial area of the problem. I do know one thing and that is that this is a seriously misdiagnosed condition and that those who are getting their symptoms relieved by a change of diet, exercise or herbs cannot possibly have the same condition. I have tried everything and nothing works. Even prescribed meds have no lasting benefit and only make me sleepy and completely non functional.

  27. This is such good news. I hope it’s soon to give us the help we need. I want to live again. Your choice is to be on so much medicine that you sleep all the time or just suffer in extreme pain. I can’t rem anything can’t go anyplace.
    I loss my husband 3 yrs ago so now i just sit at home by myself and have no help and can’t get the massages that I need because don’t have the money now.

  28. Was told I had fibro by a Dr. almost 30yrs ago. I was a young, energetic working woman. My life has slowly deteriorated year by year! Pain, and gradually numbness & tingling in feet & legs over the last 10yrs & have lost all reflexes in both knees. The worst has been the increasing fatigue. Sometimes sleeping 9 hrs. at night & falling into a deep asleep for 2-3 hrs in the afternoon. This seems to cycle 1 to 2 times a month for a week or so. Tried Lyrica for a few months but due to being an Addiction Specialist & knowing the risk of the drug I stopped. Would love finding a cure/cause for this!! It has decimated my life in many ways!!

    1. Hi! My pain doc is pushing me to stop the gabapentin and switch to the lyrica, but that’s after all the rest of my med changes. I just had the spinal infusions and took last oxy prior to heading to the surgery center. I quit taking the long-acting hydrocodone and morphine and the oxycodone for breakthrough pain, to make sure no meds wud interfere with shots, and to see if shots were gonna be the miracle tx I had been praying for. On that Saturday aft the Mon infusions, I started on oxycontin. Not working the best either. I’m new to the fibro diagnosis, and still in a small bit of denial about it all, since I have attributed the back and neck pain to the bad rollover car wreck that started me on this life-long, painful and heartbreaking journey of gradually adding more things to the “can’t do ever again” list, while being able to write my bucket list on the smallest post-it made. Advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Thank you all!

      1. Lyrica is a newer, more concentrated version of gabapentin (neurontin). It did not agree with me, personally. Docs pushed, but i stood my ground and said NO. Believe it or not, they cant force it on you if you dont let them.
        I myself denied the fibro for years (the rhuemie wasn’t treating it, just said “you have fibro”). New doc, new med, great life. 25 years of an uphill battle …Ra, Lupus, Osteo , Raynauds, Fibro.

  29. I have fibromyalgia and happy to see this research. Tired of being told it is all in my head. Willing to help test suggested medication.

  30. Anyone with fibromyalgia knows that this disease encompasses so much more than just pain. There are so many more other symptoms that this article doesn’t event address like sensitivity to light and sound and migrains and so much more. Still waiting on answers but glad to know that fibromyalgia is becoming more well known and not just “in your head” like some doctors would like you to believe because they don’t understand it.

  31. After much research, My fibromyalgia was do to a slowly failing thyroid caused by food intolerances that were causing a lot of inflammation in my body. There are probably many causes of fibro. Wish someone had told me to clean up my diet when I first came down with it.

  32. I was diagnosed with fibro about 19-yrs ago. Back then , you were made to feel, it was all in your head. Most of us know that wasn’t true. The worst for me is, the terrible fatigue, which is sometimes diblating fatigue and the memory issues.
    I pray they come up with something that helps with all the symptoms!
    Thanks to my Daughter-in-law, for sharing this new information with me!! Thanks. Leo, I love you. Good looking out!
    time. I wish they woul
    something that help

  33. I am glad too I have suffered at least 10 yrs my self my doctor now scratches his head trying to find meds for me to go along with other meds I am on. At times nothing helps the pain . I guess for being on meds for so long. And I too think some people still believe it’s all in my head. But I know as all of y’all . We really don’t hurt and have so many more systems that goes hand in hand with this disease bowel issue , memory issues, phycological issues . Thank God someone believed us. My doctor isthe person who believe in me I was one who thought I was losing it when my regular doctor said they had no idea why I would be hurting and swelling up hardly able to walk. Thank God for reumatologist. Mine is a good send.

    1. Every year. I know there’s a lot said and written proclaiming its all Lyme. Ive been tested every year for 27 years.

      1. If your Lyme test was done using a lab, Igenex, I would not believe the results. I beg each and everyone of you to be tested. It’s a very long complicated explanation for why using any other lab but trust when I say, and I have researched Lyme for years, do it. Lyme can kill you, slowly and painfully. Look at a website called for accurate up to date information. There are so many sites out there with incorrect and dangerous information. My daughter has suffered for 4 years now, bedridden for a long time. May a cure be found so all of you who suffer will have your lives back with no more pain!

        1. I ment to type in the first sentence, If your Lyme test was NOT, I repeat NOT done by Igenex, I would not believe the results.


    3. Yes. Tested positive for 6 out of 12 bands. Went through extensive treatment. Still going through treatment along with treatment for the fibro, chronic migraines, seizures and other issues which I never had before.

  34. yes great news but those with severe fybromyalgia and find it hard walking etc by the time they find some sort of help many will be in wheelchairs and it may help with the pain but will it help with all the other factors that go with fybro myalgia

  35. I think Fibromyalgia results from repeated major trauma car accidents and the like the bodies way of making us more careful just gone overboard. I have it and I believe it can slow reaction time in muscles as I often move and my shoulder will pop out slightly or a vertebrae. The silliest thing can cause it getting out of a chair etc if the blood flow in your muscles is altered by this it would explain a lot. The feeling that my blood is fizzing for instance it’s very weird.

    1. Hi Gordon. Yes I too have these symptoms along with many other aches and painfull joints and muscles, stomach and bowel issues also, plus at times, a strange feeling/ foggy feeling in my head which leads to me experiencing severe fatigue symptoms.

  36. I CANNOT IMAGINE HOW GOOD IT WOULD BE TO “LIVE!!” REALLY LIVE without concoctions and this pill and that pill, eat this, not that, this therapy, that therapy, exercise but NOT TO much, sleep, do this, DON’T DO THAT… .JUST WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE TO HAVE A LIFE AGAIN?!? I THINK I HAD A LIFE ONCE LONG, LONG, AGO but my fibro fog CAUSES ME TO FORGET!! PLEASE, GOD… LET US LIVE BEFORE WE DIE!!!

    1. I too have diagnosed with Fibro years ago, by 2 drs, and I wasn’t in their office for any of my symptons, but my left shoulder cuff had frozen, and they were looking at the back of my neck and shoulders and asked if I knew I had fibro. Have self-dr myself by reading and such. My legs ache so much I can no longer go for walks. My hands have started shaking, I can hardly write or type, and times when I step down on the floor after being in bed, it feels like every bone in my feet is breaking. I sleep most all the time. I will try eating a better diet leaving out all that I have read, above. Once ever 2-3 months, I get up with energy and can move freely. I think, “this must be what it feels like to be normal”.

  37. It took my doctors and consultants over six years to diagnose me with fibromyalgia after countless tests, scans, etc. All they’ve wanted to do since is throw drugs at me that don’t work. Weight training has helped my symptoms mostly because I’ve strengthened supporting muscles. I’ve also got a list of fibro related conditions on top of coping with fibro day to day. A treatment that works would be incredible.

  38. I certainly understand each ones complaints of pain & fatigue. I have suffered now for 23yrs, initially it was all considered “in my head”, was diagnosed with depression, & actually I became depressed with the questionable pain & fatigue. When fibro was finally diagnosed I was constantly full of extreme pain & horrible fatigue. I often had to hire a housekeeper. By the 4th yr I was bedridden, after abt a yr or so I was able to use walker. In the meantime I am doing Physio & chiropractic care & potent analgesics. Guess that eventually helped, graduated to a cane abt 5 yrs later, now I’m able to walk short distances with no aid but sometimes the pain is almost unbearable. I’ve been on all kinds of meds, lyrcia, & many diff narcotics, none worked, always a dosage adjustment. I am still on narcotics but a much lower dosage. Still in pain daily, but just bearable. As well I do find changes in weather (pressure, weather condition, humidity, diff activities) cause a difference in pain level. I would definity do any trial of a cure. I’m tired of living in this life of pain & fatigue. There’s no joy in life anymore .

    1. You need to find a Lyme Literate doc. Fibromyalgia has been known to be a misdiagnosis of what is actually Lyme. Testing is pathetic, so it’s important to see a doctor that knows Lyme.

      1. I was diagnosed with fibro about 15 yrs ago positive test for Lyme disease 7 yrs ago wouldn’t have been tested but had the bullseye. Never found a tick.on me. As I told Dr couldn’t tell because symptoms are so similar.

  39. I am wondering if sensory nerve ablation would help the pain of fibromyalgia? I do not have fibromyalgia but had sensory nerve ablation for other pain due to auto accident. It is minimally invasive and lasts up to two year and can be repeated for more lasting results.

    1. The nerve fibers they’re talking about and the nerves you had ablated are different. I doubt you could map these on the devices used for ablation.

  40. I suffered four major assaults on my body within six months. Broke five ribs falling down the stairs. Had a horrible virus that lasted 3 to 4 weeks. Sinus surgery, and then ulcerative colitis. Also a prolia shot for osteoporosis. I thought it was the shot they gave me this horrible pain everywhere. Now I know it is from fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with a few months ago. I believe the pattern of pain expanded to chronic pain syndrome . Like a cycle of pain that doesn’t stop now.. I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy After looking for answers early on, Like the woman mentioned earlier. I believe they are on the right path to finding out a cure. Sad that this article was sent around two years ago, makes me think. no one is doing anything about it. My pain in fatigue has me bedridden most of the time. I was incredibly active all my life with never a problem till all this hit me two years ago, great 60th birthday. Some days I wonder how I can get through my life this way. I’ve alienated my friends, mostly because I have nothing to talk to them about except my pain, and have heard some people think I’m a hypochondriac now. We all know better! Hope this resonates with someone. Let me know if you recognize any of this pattern.

    1. My worst symptoms are knees and back. I used to have the pins and needles in my hands but not now. A back spasm in my lower back makes me unable to straighten up for days. One day I can walk half a mile with my rollator, the next I am in agony from the pain in the back of my knees and every step hurts. I cannot reach my feet so a chiropodist is necessary. However , losing nearly 3 stones while not banishing the pain has made it easier to get out of a chair, and on a good day I can walk with walker without too much pain.. I get underwear on by using a litter picker to hold the item so I can get my feet in it and then pull it up so I can reach item. Good tip that. I would love to use a vacuum cleaner again, ride a bike and walk without walker for long distances. But hey, this is now and reality. Keep positive, have interests, until a cure is found make the most of life, but rest when you get tired during a task.

    2. Similar to my Pattern…. Have you heard about Chuck Norris’s wife?…… Her wide spread pain, etc. stemmed from the liquid (which I can’t remember the name of) that they shoot you up with before they do a ct scan so they can see stuff better, WELL, it didn’t eliminate itself from her body (like they say it’s going to do) AND she got very sick for a very long time. They had the money to keep pushing for an answer. They traveled the world trying to get the answer. And finally did. Crazy, eh?….. EVERYONE’s bodies are NOT the same. ! She almost died. And my brother was sick & in pain & his legs were swelling…. almost died, until they found a staph infection that had lodged itself in weird places ! Crazy……. most doctors don’t look outside “the usual” stuff. Don’t have much faith in doctors…. sorry to say. I NEED one (had one once, very understanding and thorough, then she moved.) Haven’t found the right one since.

    3. I was a very outgoing man.. I had a lot of friends to hangout with.: HAD is the word!
      I consider myself a “Social Retard” sorry to put it that way.. I have 1 true friend left that understands my issues, he has done enough research for himself to kinda get the jeist.
      I’m a Army veteran with several wounds that were trauma related, I always thought too much trauma to the head or body can activate this crappy disease. I’m 50 now and I hope this comes to light sooner then later!!

  41. Fibromyalgia has taken over my life. Along with being diabetic and horrible autoimmune disease called Bullious Pemphigoid my body pain is constant. Nothing has ever helped much. I hate to do it but most days I take 2 hydrocodone tablets in the morning when I wake up to just get up. Takes the edge off but not much. I am 72 and suffered with this since my 40’s. So fatigued I can barely function most days. I pray daily for relief.

  42. This is wonderful. I have been to so many different doctors and I was always told its in your head. After being told that so many times it does cause you to be depressed. I hope now myself and others are going to finally be treated with respect by a doctor instead of being looked at as if we are crazy people. I hope I can be treated and be able to enjoy life again and maybe get some sleep. Omg that vision is so wonderful…I cannot wait to see my doc and she him this. Good luck to all and hopefully here’s to a better future without pain or at least manageable pain.

  43. Can I become a test subject. I am exremely frustrated with doctors and hospitals. Can you help me? I have been hirting for way to many year’s. I have gone off medication by myself within the last month. I do not feel well at all… Can you help me?

  44. Are the sufferers going to get an apology or compensation it used to be called fibrocytious and people with it were put in asylums are those in under that assumption going to be released and told oops we were wrong its not in your head

  45. The Doctors told me that Fibro is the result of a traumatic happening in your life. Could be anything from a accident or serious illness that almost took your life. I am very confused with all the explanations as to the why’s you have gotten Fibro. I was very ill and after a long recovery I started with all the symptoms of Fibro. It’s been hard for me to believe as there are no reasonable explanations or ways to be diagnosed! It’s been since 1999! I do hope there is some truth to this new evidence of the cause. After so many, “we don’t know the cause”, it’s very hard to believe in any treatment, which I have tried almost all of them. There is no point in stressing yourself even more in being disappointed with any results, and trying new things!

  46. I admire anyone looking into this insidious disease, but for many years, many many thousands worldwide, myself included, have reversed this illness using the Guaifenesin Protocol. It is not fun or fast, but it does what it claims: allows the body to finally excrete the phosphates and calcium it had been genetically unable to prior. The widespread pain is from these lesions and body-wide lifetime accumulations of these inflammation-causing deposits. Any simple hair analysis test will show excessive phosphate/calcium prior to the protocol with FM, and then a huge spike once on the protocol, as these minerals are finally excreted by all manor of the body. Doctors need to stop looking at blood, as the parathyroid balances and “cleans” the blood of these phosphates. Look just about anywhere else in the body, however, and you will find them. It is just not that complicated, but doctors insist on blood testing.

  47. I have had fibromyalgia for 50 years and every few years i hear about a new cause. I find exercise and massage to help as much as medicine. I discovered that many of my medicines caused poor memory so I had the doctor change them and have much less fibro fog . Poor sleep and fatigue still plague me and naps are very helpful. I hope this new discovery will help all of us with this disease .

  48. Hello. I’ve been turned down Several times, telling me, I’ve waited to long to file, due to I’ve been out of work. I’ve told them, that’s why I had to stop working. I had no idea that you could file for disability. Same answer, I’ve waited to long.
    Now with this New cause, am I able to file now? Please try to get back with me soon.
    Thank You, Mrs. Cox
    Note: Please help me

  49. Where is the data? As of today Fibromyalgia is a condition associated to pain perception where the substances in charge of the pain perception in the brain increases to the point that the patient experience pain 8 to 10 times stronger than a normal person. Why does it happen? According to research any life changing event can alter that areas in the brain. As a matter of fact, stress triggers those neurotransmitters. That’s why stress managment is important as a key part of the treatment.

  50. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001. It has slowed me down considerably over the years. Some days I can’t even move with the pain. When something hurts and I have it x-rayed nothing ever shows up. It turns out to be the pain of fibromyalgia in my makes a simple everyday task a project! Glad to hear their is a breakthrough!!!

  51. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999 and started going to an integrative medical doctor. He put me on the Blood Type diet (I’m type O) and I began to notice improvement in just two weeks. By four or five months my muscles were back and I felt like a new woman and had lost 20 pounds in the process; I might add I fought weight gain all my adult life and now all these years later I continue to maintain a weight of 115 to 120 pounds while eating 3 generous meals a day. Yeah!

  52. A great non opioid herbal/botanical treatment for chronic pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia(all of which I have) is Kratom. I have Xeroxed from all my opioid and my pain is greatly reduced, much more than the morphine and hydrocodone I was on. Since I’ve been using this legal herb daily my pain is almost non existent and my low energy increased and my moods stable. There are many herbal and botanical treatments for pain. I also hope this new understanding of fibromyalgia will amount to a treatment where the side effects are less than opioids

  53. And I saw a neurologist to said he knew the cause of fibromyalgia and it was childhood sexual abuse. I never was abused sexually and he tried to disagree with me. Told me he was the expert and he knew the cause and it was also a psychiatric disorder and he was the expert and I had no right to question him. So I’m very thankful this information has come out. Going to make a big difference when I hear junk science from so-called MDs who are self described geniuses.

    1. I would report that doctor-, in my 25-30 years of research, I have never read his “diagnose” .. Not only totally sending FMS to a back burner, now something far more sinister is the cause??? As if FMS must be okay, because Ch Sex Abuse is obviously not in our head???? Charletan

    2. Oh my gosh I just had a neurologist tell me this two weeks ago! I was like what in the hell are you talking about?!? That is ridiculous.

  54. I had CFS back before Dr’s even recognized it as a legit problem. I had it for nearly 4 years before it finally abated. Then it morphed into fibromyalgia. I tried a 30 day diet with supplements and got relief ftom my pain in a matter of days. I stuck with it for the full 30 days for fear the pain would come back again. By the end of the month I was cured. I got it online at he is a chiropractor in California who believes fibro is from a yeast overgrowth from overuse of antibiotics. Don’t know if he’s right, but it cured me!

  55. Its amazing that this article has been floating around for some years and we still have no cure. Yet we can send people up to Mars. If all sufferers were millionares and had a research team coming up with these “new” findings, the FDA would have to pass any cure for it, because money talks. Lets have a class action!

    1. Amen – I’ll tell u I suffer from pain in both my hands and feet – to include Carpel tunnel in both hands and nerve pain in both feet – and ….. not to mention my back pain – UGH!!! My muscles hurt like I just finished a 50 mile marathon in HIGH HEELS! I’m in pain meds – eh they help a TINY bit but … as the years go by I hurt more and more and now – my dang knees …. hot tub anyone ????

  56. Thank God, I get tired of the pain my fibromyalgia causes me. Now if they can only find a cure for my lupus now.

  57. Fibromyalgia has changed my life in so many ways I can’t count. I was thought to be a hypochondriac by Dr’s (What the neck did they become Drs for… To stay stuck in the Dark Ages), my family & many friends. So while I was in pain bad enough to want to just go to sleep and never wake up… I was being looked upon as a lazy person using an illness to get out of normal life… Oh how I have longed for a normal life… To be able to Work 10 – 12 hour days what a blessing!!! Please find a cure quickly! God bless those who have searched and researched and found the answer!!!!

    1. Please contact me if you feel to as I am on a homoeopathic all natural seed based product that has got me out and running the roads after a 5mon. stint in bed due to Fibromyalgia. No pressure but life changing for many !

  58. To loose your life by being overwhelmed with pain and loose your divinity because “Dr’s” let alone family and friends look down on you!!! A life I can tell you was devastating! Beyond the pain!!!

  59. Have commented but it has to be moderated you say. The one before is longer than mine and has been accepted, so what have I done wrong ?

  60. Sign me up. It takes me all I’ve got to get to myself to work and then I sleep all weekend. I can’t plan anything because I never know how bad I’m going to be.

  61. It’s good to see they’re making progress on this. I’ve had frustrations with science though writing things off to be psychological or in your head just because they haven’t been able to prove scientifically prove it exists.

  62. I thought for sure they were going to say many of these people had undiagnosed Lyme Disease. Fibromyalgia is a description of symptoms, not a diagnosis.

  63. Since 2004 I have suffered with a complaint called Polymiasitis. It took 6 months to discover what was wrong with me. My doctor at the time also said that I have been left with a myalgia. Polymyasitis is when an enzyme goes berserk and attacks the fibres in the muscles and they then die. I have been on opiate drugs for many years and still have trouble with chronic pain. I take Targin 40/20 twice a day and have a patch (Norspan) easch week. I have arthritis and chonic back pain which did not respond to any of the needles in my lower back. Some times the fibres regrow but in my case they did not. I can only walk a short distant before the legs get very heavy and then I need a wheel chair. This also can affect my breathing. I am now 80 years old and still suffer from this complaint. People do not understand what it is like and I feel so sorry for others who are in a worse condition than I am. Anyway we battle and thank to good Lord that we are still able to get around even though we are almost always racked with pain.

    1. Hi there Patricia i am 80 had Fibro for about 7 yrs only heard of younger people getting g it. Like you I battle on. God bless May UK

  64. Praise God
    Finally people will believe that this is a very real and painful condition.
    Up until now people always said it was all made up. I pray that there will be something soon that will help myself and all the other people out there.
    God bless the doctors and the studies.

  65. Have all the Fibro symptoms everyone speaks of. I am 69, and have been trying to keep on keeping on for abt 25yrs. Stumbled on an article in a mag. abt TUMERIC. Started taking a supplement from a healthfood store. Make sre it has Black pepper extract in it, for proper absorbtion. Fibro and most other health problems seem to stem from INFLAMATION and Tumeric aids in the calming of it. I have noticed a significant difference in just a little less than three months. Just came off of a vacation where I hiked several times, as much as 3 miles round trip and managed to stay on my feet with significantly less pain or fatigue !!! Fixing to up my dosage !!! What would it hurt to give it a try !?! We have all tried a ton of other things, RIGHT? Good Luck !!!

  66. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1990.
    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1999.
    I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in 2017 – which for me makes much more sense. It is a collagen defect and most people with EDS get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia before finally being diagnosed with Ehlers…

  67. I was diagnosed with Fibro at 36. Also Psoriatic Arthritis. If they have something like tests and help figuring this out so maybe they could keep future generations from getting these horrible diseases I would volunteer . This is an awful terrible life I lead . I am 51 now . What I would give to have some good years . I am mostly useless . If I am not hurting I have so much fatigue . A vicious cycle . Please find us a cure .

  68. A year ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After years of going to see the doctor, I finally got some answers. The pain I feel seems to never go away-hurting in my lower back, legs, neck, even sometimes radiates to the very tip of my toes,I couldn’t move my right arm with out getting a lot of pain. I was 32 years old and I didn’t know if I want to see how I feel at 40 because the pain was very intense. I was taking Lyrica, it helps but I still have to be careful not to over do things. I was trying to have a child-don’t know if I’ll be able to do it! i searched for alternative treatment online and In November, 2016 I started on Health Herbal Clinic fibromyalgia disease natural herbal remedy, my fibromyalgia symptoms including Severe fatigue , Insomnia, nausea and vomiting, deteriorated over the first 6 weeks of the Fibromalgia herbal formula usage, i am now 34 with no trace of Fibromyalgia, visit the clinic website www. healthherbalclinic. net or email info @ healthherbalclinic. net The Fibro herbal formula helped me in a way i just didn’t imagine, this is a breakthrough for all fibromyalgia disease patients.

  69. It took them over 20 years to diagnose me. Then they put me on heavy duty pain meds anti depressants and adavan. It just made my body dependent on them. I withdrew myself off of all of them against docs orders. Moved to Florida out of the cold, learned how to make edibles out mariquana. Learned how to activate more cbds, cbcs etc. That helps more than the pills. Also found when nerve pain would start I will use lidocane. Especially on the bottom of my feet. It works well. Stops the nerve pain and keeps it from spreading.

  70. Before getting to excited please research why no otjer country in the world even recognise the existance of this……only in the U.S. where big pharma is making a killing on the treatment. Im not saying people have nothing wrong with them …my wife was given the same diagnosis….and the nurse told her thats what the doctor tells patients when they cant figure out what is causing her pain. I hope it is real but i am scepticle

    1. Hi Danny
      In fact I was diagnosed with FM in the UK in1998. We have a major NHS hospital with a dedicated FM department. It is also recognised in may other countries in Europe. No drug companies are making a killing over here. I don’t believe you should be skeptical.
      I hope your wife gets alll the help she deserves

  71. Part of this makes sense, but does not account for the coiling of the Trigger Points. I do believe it is at least partially linked, including with Reynaud’s Phenomena, which is microvascular. Time will tell.

  72. 1st, a question to Medical Health News: Is it true, as it’s been purported by some in their comments, this article has been regurgitated from a couple of years ago? If so, why is that? If it has been recycled without any updates, without any new information, what was the point?
    2nd, I’ve noticed & do agree with those who recommend magnesium. I want also to recommend Vitamin D3, at least a minimum of 2000IU daily (consult with your physician first), although I take 4000IU daily, & I know of others who take more than that. I was not so sure of its efficacy until I ran out of my supply & had to wait a month for the re-supply—my fibro flare ups were so much more severe. It has been about 10 years taking Vitamin D3 & I am a full-fledged believer. I hope this may help someone else who wasn’t aware.

  73. Okay everyone asking about CBD oil, it’s legal in all states, it’s mot a controlled substance, it has no THC in it. It does help anxiety, pain, nausea, alot of different things. I have fibro, cancer, Crohns disease, and migraines to name a few of the things I deal with daily. If you go online to look for the oil please read carefully because a couple of the popular sites that come up 1st are ones to I’ll you in with free samples but then charge you 79.95 a month if you don’t cancel before 14 days. Be aware of this!! The oil does help, immensely!! So do edibles and smoking, as well as the capsules. Do your research people. And good luck to all of us with this new break through!!

  74. I happen to chance upon this article on Facebook and can only imagine the pain sufferers have to deal with. I’ve heard of testimonials regarding significant pain relief from an anti-oxidant and resveratrol blend. maybe this can be of use to some.

  75. I want to know how this explains the dobro knots in my muscles. I literally can feel them. This article doesn’t address that. If this is in the vessels how come I have so many extremely painful knots all over my muscles!??

    1. That was suppose to read fibro knots. Also just want to add that I take low dose naltrexone and it worked wonders for my pain. I take 4.5 mg nightly. Google LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone and read up on it.

  76. Could this be why I am always breaking blood vessels in my hands and wrists I wonder. Damn it stings sometimes when they pop.

  77. Hi from Australia. I am astonished at how many of us have fibromyalgia. Several people I know have come down with similar conditions over recent years and, like many of you, are suffering greatly.
    I would like to know if the regions in which you all live have fluoridated water. I also wonder if that might have anything to do with such prolific fibromyalgia. Fluoride can contribute to inflammation of blood vessels.
    As with any disease, I would be keen to find the damned CAUSE and remove THAT, rather than endlessly seeking relief from the symptoms.

  78. If you read carefully in the story and it is only that….please seek out the study/research documentation references and where and whom did the study as is stated ‘Could’ solve the ‘Mystery’ of Fibro!

  79. I’ve had Fibromyalgia over 10 yrs along with Sjogrens Syndrome, RA, Pariferal Nueropathy, Gastroparesis and many more autoimmune diseases. I live in Houston TX and have THE BEST Rhuematologist ever plus a team of Drs – I all prescribed opiates & Benzos together (OxyContin & Xanax) plus I take 37 pills a day including Methotrexate, Folic Acid, Ambien and anything else I need to make me more comfortable. If I have to take pills the rest of my life – so be it – I’d rather be addicted than suffer — I’m 58 and all my meds make me feel as close to normal as I can get. I hope they do find a cure but probably won’t see it in my lifetime !! My 32 yr old daughter just tested positive for Sjogrens – the disease that caused my Fibromyalgia !!! I’ve been on SSD for 10 years and have a pool that takes the pain away!!! I do smoke weed here and there – never saw much difference in the pain – only thing it did was take my mind off of it for a little while. Living without meds is just plain stupid !!! I’ll be on Opiates and Benzos the rest of my life bc of the Sjogrens but thankful I live close to one of the best medical centers in the world !!!

  80. Yes im a rep for it but thats not y im writing this
    I have seen testimonials on the facebook juice plus testimonial page – Pop in there and see how the sufferers on there dont suffer so much anymore.
    Think they are taking fruit veg and berry blend capsules
    The Diet seems to have a lot to do with it reading many of the above stories
    Heartbreaking to read the pain suffered, hope you all find something to help soon xxx

  81. Friend in Bradenton FL shared this article with me, she’s ecstatic that a cure may be coming soon in her lifetine. She’s pleased with the refuction in the level or severity of hrr symptoms after addressing her gut health but looking forward to the eventual cure, cessation of all discomfort. Her gastro shared data about gut health as a major factor in autoimmune issues and improving gut health would result in a measurable improvement in overall health and wellness. He recommends true 6-hour bovine colostrum and his patiebts arevexperiencing an efficacy of over 78%. Here’s a link to the article shared by DrDorvilus,

  82. It’s the middle of the night as I read these replies. I’m 63, and would be so Overjoyed if this is the answer. I have always thought it had to do with our veins…but blood system?!?! Time for more research!!!!! These posts made me cry. I related to every one of you!!!!!

  83. Interesting that there is NO reference to this scientific study. Also, please understand that SSRIs have long been used for chronic pain and will likely still be indicated in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

  84. I’m crying right now, I’m in so much pain! I’ve got fibromyalgia , degenerative disc disease, severe pain in me feet, heels mostly. My thighs get totally numb, burning sensation and then there’s the nerve pain that’s excruciating! I’ve been on morphine for years, doesn’t work anymore, being weened off, now the withdrawal is horrible. Been on lyrica, cymbalta, gabapentin. Now I smoke marijuana at times, totally relaxes me, relieving pain, but screws my head up. Doc is now going to try medical marijuana. Sure hope this helps. I’m in Canada and marijuana will be legal July 2018. Also extremely tired all the time. Life totally sucks …. Sure Hope this is good news and a cure is found.

  85. I have read articles like this before and have yet to find reliable sources that can confirm that this discovery even exists. Sorry folks – I wish relief for all us us, but I don’t think this is real.

  86. I had fibromyalgia until I was introduced to Plexus! I take the triplex combo which has probio5 (amazed g probiotic to reduce candida yeast), biocleanse (has magnesium, oxygenates blood, and rods body of toxins), and the slim drink (balances blood sugar and helps reduce cholesterol)! Fibromyalgia will never get the best of me again!

  87. I feel bad for everyone out there but what i want to say is this any extreme you make to your body will change your kidney liver and bladder functions and i hope all is getting yearly checks.I have been dealing since 15 and now 55 and so when that word was thrown out there I did lots of research and found it was a label for the unknown so I am happy to hear this news.Over the years it has caused my whole upper back neck shoulders severe pain which now causes swelling on left lung and left ribs so I hope this researce does not take until I am gone. Good luck to all

  88. I have even gone to some hospitals on severe days, and so many doctors did not believe that this was even a disease. Very frustrating. They have even said “Can’t see it, can’t touch it, then it must not be true”….I retort..can’t see your breath either I guess your not breathing.

    1. Danny, I’ve had the same problem in the beginning; they did not know what it was and it was all in my head, that was 25 years’ ago. Finally I went to another doctor and he knew right away what it was. I had gone to older doctors that really did not keep up on new diseases/illnesses that were out there and finally when I changed doctors, he was a younger one who, fresh out of school, is the one that determined what it was. He read article, keep up on new studies and wanted to know everything about every disease/illness there ever was. He said he saw an article on Fibromyalgia and started researching it and now he knew what it was, so now he could diagnose it in patients and treat them. So maybe it’s just a small option of changing to younger doctors, it helped me.

  89. I really hope that all who suffer from this can experience relief. I wonder what kind of sid effects this new found medicTion will come with. I have a few close friends who have dealt with this pain for years and when they changed their diet and started addressing their gut health with Plexus supplements, saw a huge turn around in their pain level and improvement in their quality of life.

  90. I’ve had FMS for over 25 years’ now. With the pain and the fatigue is the addition of restless leg syndrome. I take tramadol for the RLS and when I tried cutting down, the RLS came back strong. Does anyone have a solution for my RLS?

  91. Stop eating the very food that is making us sick. Watch “What The Health” on Netflix and you will see how the medical profession really works to keep get us and keep us on drugs. It’s BIG money for them.
    I am becoming a Vegan and expect to eventually eliminate all these drugs that do more damage than good.

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