CONFIRMED: Cancer is entirely a man-made disease. Your Lifestyle Causes Cancer NOT Your Genetics.

Is cancer inherent cell mutations or is cancer caused by environmental and external factors..? That apparently is debatable, as most things in life are. According to a recently published study in Nature, it is believed that diet, drinking, smoking, excessive sun and exposure to toxic chemicals cause cancer.
This would mean, we are able to lower our risks of developing cancer by changing our lifestyle and establishing healthier habits.

While the FDA continues to search for a cure, there are many natural cures and treatments for cancer.
•Hemp oil: is made from the flowering buds of the marijuana plant. Making hemp oil is very simple and there are multiple videos on You Tube showing you how to make your own.
This potent and effective cancer treatment has cured thousands. No clinical study had been done because no one can patent it. Without a patent, pharmaceutical companies cannot recoup the millions of dollars required to do the study.

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