Cashier with autism squishes her loaf of bread and is slow, so she writes a message to his boss

When Winfarthing, Norfolk resident Emma Shawcross walked into her local Diss Tesco store, she was wasn’t expecting anything more than your typical shopping experience. This changed, however, when she met Rob.
Rob was Emma’s cashier. Although he was enthusiastic, scanning her items before she had even finished unloading her cart, he left quite a large pile of things to be bagged at the end. She also noticed that he squished her bread, and he took quite some time scanning her awkwardly shaped items. When she asked for bags, Rob counted them carefully and meticulously, double-checking just to be sure. He did the same when returning her change.
Some shoppers would find themselves annoyed with Rob’s enthusiastic work style, slyly glancing at their watches, and tapping their feet in impatience.

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