After Eating This You’ll Never Feel Depressed Again

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is a yellow colored spice native to South Asia. It is the main spice in curry and the ingredient that gives the intense yellow color to mustard. It is commonly used in Indian, Iranian and Pakistani cuisine.
Turmeric has been listed on Google’s 2016 Food Trends Report as top trending food with a function and was named no.1 “rising star”. This indicates that the number of people searching and trying to understand how to use turmeric is increasing. And for a good reason.
Studies have shown that turmeric is the most powerful plant at fighting and preventing diseases. It is also the most studied medicinal plant currently, leaving garlic, ginger, ginseng and cinnamon behind. Its healing compound curcumin has been proven to be more effective than many prescription drugs in the treatment of various diseases and conditions, including depression.

Turmeric for Depression

The numbers say that one in ten adult Americans suffers from depression. The fact that depression is expected to become the world’s second leading cause of disability by 2020 is even more startling, bearing in mind that it is the most common cause of suicidal deaths in young people.
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