Adopted Mom Gives Son Back, Then His Long-Lost Sister’s Parents Stun Him With Adoption


Logan Hunt has not had it easy. When he was just a toddler, Hunt was put up for adoption. All he ever wanted was a family. Hunt thought he had finally found one as a kid, but that family eventually rejected Hunt.

His heart broke, and it would continue to break for the next decade as he bounced between unhappy foster homes.  He aged out of the foster-care system at 18 and had nowhere to go.
Hunt became homeless and was forced to live in his car. One day he woke up, asleep at his steering wheel, and wished for nothing but a family. He didn’t care if he lived in a mansion or a cardboard box if he could just have one.
The 19-year-old decided to find his biological sister Shyann. He knew she had been adopted as a child, and that she was probably his only family out there.
Hunt finally found his little sister, but something else amazing happened: Her adopted parents took a liking to him. Though they were a bit skeptical at first (they thought something must be off with him since no one wanted him), they let their hearts guide them.

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