A mother thought her kids had given her soap as a present. But when she lathered up with it the next day, she got a huge surprise.

Not everything is as it seems.

One mother found this out the hard way recently when she received a very special present from her kids. Ashford Evans recounted this hysterical parenting anecdote on the website called For Every Mom:

“I opened the door and was greeted by deafening silence. Heavenly, rare, deafening silence.

It was one of those rare occasions where the hubs and I were ships passing in the night. I was returning home late from a business meeting, he had left in the early afternoon for a boys’ fishing trip. We had bartered and begged and delegated the children to different friends and family scattered throughout the town in order to cover the 6 hours in which neither of us would be in town. And so what I came home to after a long delayed flight and subsequent 2 hour drive from the airport was sweet sweet silence and an empty house.


I took my time unloading my suitcase from the car as there was no one home to need anything (nay demand anything) from me immediately. I schlepped my suitcase into the bedroom and made my way to the half bath after drinking one too many Big Gulps on the way home.

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