6 Weird Signs She is a Girl, Not A Woman. #6 Can Prove This Alone.

Woman and girl are two different identities of a female. Both these understand and interact with world very differently.
Where a girl wants only attention, a woman wants just respect. This difference between these two is due to their thinking. By woman I don’t mean an aged female- it is only about maturity.
I have found many girls in my life but not a single woman (i.e.  a mature girl). This isn’t meant that they don’t exist.
They are just difficult to be found. As men, we need to find perfect woman instead of getting stuck with a girl. Here are signs that can help you in doing this. Have a look.

1. Seeking attention

A girl will always try to seek attention in some way or the other – maybe by wearing raunchy clothes, or posting countless selfies on social media sites, or by hanging out with friends at clubs and parties. However, a woman rarely cares about popularity and attention, she wants that everyone should respect her. Continue to next page…