5 Myths About Rheumatoid Arthritis That You Should Ignore

Written by Mary Baucom, Medically Reviewed by Brenda B. Spriggs, MD, FACP

Having rheumatoid arthritis is challenging enough, let alone the misinformation that’s thrown at you. Because no matter how long you’ve been living with this autoimmune disease, there’s always new information — or misinformation — that you come across online or from unreliable sources.
We’re here to dispel these fabrications once and for all. Here are five myths about RA that you should really just ignore.

1. Having RA is just a sign that you’re aging.

If this was true, then nearly every baby boomer in the United States would have RA. That would be more than 76 million people! While 1.5 millionpeople is nothing to shy away from, it’s far less than every older adult.
Anyone can get RA, including children, teens, and young adults. However, women are two to three times likely to be diagnosed than men. There’s no one cause or trigger of RA, but researchers think it has something to do with an abnormal response of the immune system.

I had it as a child but it got me bad at 31. It’s a very hard life-altering disease.
– Dominy Michelle, living with RA

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