13 Little Things Anxiety Sufferers Should Know

4. Find a smell that relaxes you.

If you don’t buy into this, that’s cool, but I am here for aromatherapy .

I always carry around an essential-oil rollerball in my purse to rub on my pulse points, I’m a huge fan of candles and scented baths, and I also use a pillow spray to help me sleep. Maybe I’m just a creature of luxury, but there’s something about the ritual of all these things, and taking the time to focus on lighting a candle or running a bath, that I find intensely relaxing – as well as the actual smell of it.

5. Embrace herbal tea.

Embrace herbal tea.

Caffeine in general has been shown to potentially exacerbate anxiety (which makes complete sense to me – coffee gives me anxious jitters like nothing else), as it ups your heart rate and can disrupt your sleep. So consider switching your coffee or tea to a caffeine-free infusion.

Plus, I find herbal infusions super relaxing. Maybe it’s a placebo, or a learned reaction, but a mug of rooibos, chamomile, or a specific anti-anxiety blend with a few drops of rescue remedy added does wonders for me.

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