12 ways that our bodies tell us we are too stressed


Life has a way of making us so busy that we forget to take proper care of ourselves. Our job could be very taxing, or we neglect our needs, or we hold off on fulfilling our dreams. If you are stuck in this rut, it’s time to break free. Buy that expensive item you’ve been eyeing, go to bed early for a change, open yourself up to romance, or book a trip. Only you can make your dreams a reality.


Apathy seems to stop our body from moving forward. When we feel like failures, and everything is going wrong, our feet begin to hurt. To fight the pain, start paying attention to the details of life and the beauty of the world. Use all of the five senses to optimize your experiences. Try new things that interest you. Make it your point to smile more, because it looks great on you! (2)
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De-Stress to Heal

The next time headache is coming on, try relaxing instead of popping a Tylenol. Cure the source of pain by reducing anxiety and stress. The physical is giving you a message from your emotions. Don’t silence the messenger with a pill. Listen to your body because it wants you the best for you.



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