12 Things I Wish I’d Known Before… Gastric Bypass Surgery

1) Gastric bypass is not a quick fix

Gastric bypass surgery is the most popular of the WLS options. However, it is not a “get out of jail free” card. You still have a lot of work to do pre- and post-surgery. Most doctors require you to lose between 14lb to 42lb, quit smoking, start eating right and exercise. This is all before you have the surgery. Once your post-op you still have to exercise, eat right, take daily vitamins and minerals, and have regular consultations with your doctor.

2) Weight gain is possible, even after having a gastric bypass

As mentioned above, gastric bypass surgery is not a fix; it’s a tool to help you overcome the situation you are in, but you have to control that tool. If you abuse your new “pouch” by not eating right, not taking your vitamins, not drinking water and not exercising then you will gain weight.

3) Dumping syndrome is very common

Dumping syndrome occurs when undigested food from the stomach rapidly enters the small bowel, which is not prepared to accommodate it. This is then rushed (“dumped”) into the intestines with a lot of fluid. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it is very common. You can stop this from happening by not eating high sugar, high fat foods and not drinking with meals.


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