10 radiation-emitting cell phone brands you need to throw out immediately

We won’t leave the house without it. We panic when we can’t find it. We scurry to recharge it when the battery is low. We feel empty without it in our hands or nearby. We are constantly checking it. We are more attached to it than we realize. Our cell phones are becoming an extension of our bodies. Literally. They are giving us cancer-inducing radiation.

Electromagnetic Radiation From Your Cell Phone

 Phone Radiation
There are two types of electromagnetic radiation:

 Ionizing – high frequency and high energy (x-rays, cosmic rays, etc.)
Non-ionizing – low frequency and low energy (radio frequency, power frequency, etc.)
Cell phones transmit a form of non-ionizing radiation from their antennas. This transmittance is how wireless calls and WiFi connections occur. Body tissues close to it absorb this energy. (1)

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