10 Creepy Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

When it comes to our bodies, we have friends and enemies in unknown places. Creepy things are eating away at us as we speak, and that random itch . . . may be a little bit more than just an itch.
Get ready for ten creepy facts that will make it nearly impossible to avoid getting paranoid about your body!


Tiny Friends

Eyelash Mite
Are you familiar with that little annoying eye-twitch that you get sometimes? This mini muscle spasm occurs more often in people who see eye to eye with the surprisingly common eyelash mite.
About half of the world’s population keeps these little critters in their lashes. Pull out a few eyelashes, view them under a microscope, and get ready to meet Mr. Mite: he’s about one third of a millimeter in length, and survives by feeding on your skin cells and oils. Except for making your eyes itchy, the common eyelash mite doesn’t really do any harm. Getting rid of them involves sketchy treatments with tea tree oil, which you could try—if you not only want to get rid of your mites, but also your otherwise-healthy eyeball.
Incidentally, Mr. Mite also leaves a good amount of poo around your eyelids. Tea tree oil sound more tempting now?

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