10 Common Foods You Had No Idea Come From China

The story about the fake Chinese rice made out of plastic is widely heard, but still no one does anything about it.
Consuming even the smallest amounts of plastic is devastating for our hormones and digestive system. The chemical in the plastic called BPA mimics the hormone estrogen, which skyrockets in our body when we ingest BPA. Consuming this fake rice means you are asking to die of breast cancer.10 Common Foods You Had No Idea Come From ChinaWe are constantly hearing similar crazy Chinese innovations in terms of food.
However, there are lot of things to consider about it. First, it comes from the other side of the world so no one knows what has happened to it during the shipping, and if has been exposed to certain contamination.
And as if that’s not enough, Chinese companies are making it as cheap and fake as possible with the use of the same innovative methods used for the production of cheap toys, technology products, etc., and this is extremely dangerous.
We thought this is going way too far, so the one thing we could do was to do a research to inform you about the other Chinese foods which are toxic and fake, in order to avoid them.