When Their Toddler Woke Up Paralyzed, Parents Were Stunned By The Shocking Explanation

Toddlers are notoriously active. From their boundless energy to their curious questions about the world and its inner workings, there is never a moment of idle time – unless, of course, its naptime.

So when Dillon and Stephanie’s normal three-year-old son Collin woke up unable to sit up and walk one morning, they knew immediately that something was wrong. Trying to figure out if a fall he’d taken the night before at his brother’s little league baseball game was responsible, Collin’s parents weren’t convinced. Even though he’d hit his head, he recovered well and wasn’t acting any differently afterwards.

Not wanting to waste any more time, they took him to the ER, who quickly ruled out any brain injuries or a concussion. As he began to rapidly deteriorate, doctors told his parents if he hadn’t gotten help when he did, he would have gone into cardiac arrest.

After a thorough examination by a neurologist and an infectious diseases doctor, a tick was discovered behind Collin’s ear. Once the tick was removed, Collin regained all of his mobility almost immediately.

Three-Year-Old Collin Woke Up One Morning, Unable To Sit Up Or Walk


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