The Strategies I Use to Help Me Sleep With Fibromyalgia

sleeping man with coffee cup and phone on nightstand

I wanted to share a bit of information concerning sleeping arrangements when you have fibromyalgia. These are my personal observations over years of trial and error. Lots and lots of errors…

Foam Mattress: We swapped a top-of-the-line premium spring mattress for a new “memory foam” mattress. Some of these mattresses have separate zippered compartments for the foam layers — which means you can refresh or replace the top foam sections without buying a new bed. I recommend purchasing a mattress cover, which is essential to keep the foam breathing, clean and dry. The foam mattress seems to be warmer by about one blanket’s worth, so take that into account, although the new gel foam is supposed to alleviate this. Our foam mattress has greatly relieved the pain caused by “pressure points” where your body touches the mattress.

Bed Rail: I use the Stander Bed Rail Advantage Traveler. Very helpful for getting into and out of bed when my muscles are protesting, and helps to change positions in bed, or if I wake up a bit unbalanced in the mornings. Mine is U-shaped and has pockets for odds-n-ends.

Sheets: Depends on your perception of softness. Bamboo fabric sheets seem to work for us. We tried satin, but didn’t like the slipperiness. Flannel is soft, but tends to grab the fabric of my PJs, making moving around in bed difficult.

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