The Courts Have Confirmed That Fibromyalgia Is Ground For Declaring A Permanent Disability

IPA situation of a social educator with fibromyalgia and CFS

The Social Chamber of the Supreme Court of Catalonia, in judgment No 1403/2015 of 24 February (Rec. 6239/2014), also said the IPA situation for all the work of a social educator with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, confirming the judgment of the Labour Court and dismissed the appeal brought by the National Institute of social Security.

employee services paid, which educadora- suffered very advanced fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic fatigue, grade III, with depressive chronic disease, mild cognitive impairment and antevenido carpal tunnel syndrome and other diseases.

Consider the House and only by the severity of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, the degree suffered, it must be recognized that even with skills to do some activity, has no real authority to consummate the work with some effectiveness.

It is intense pain conditions that cause, seriously undermine the productive capacity in terms of performance, capacity and efficiency, and without being able to perform light work simply no longer to refute the crippling situation into consideration appreciated permanent and absolute instance.

On the definition of LGSS back in permanent disability is great jurisprudence that has been responsible for pointing outthat such degree of disability should not only be recognized when it has no physical possibilityfor any professional work, but also when, keeping skills to perform some activity, do not have to do it with minimal effectiveness , since the performance of any work, even though simple, requires a scheduling requirements, movement and interaction, as well as care and attention.

The disability must be understood as the loss of capacity of serious anatomical or functional reductionsthat reduce or nullify the ability to work , and without that inhibit the rating the possibility of recovery of work capacity when it is present as uncertain or very long term

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