Meet the Herbicide that’s Causing Autism in Half of All Children

pesticide causing autism

It seems that another month can’t go by without discovering yet another study that once again proves that Monsanto still is the most evil corporation on the planet (keep trying BP).

Regardless, Monsanto is at it again.

It seems it can’t be content with poisoning entire farming communities in Argentina, developing herbicide that are decimating the worldwide bee population, putting small farmers out of business with their cutthroat business models, or forcing GMOs down our throats to maximize their profits.

No, it seems the one thing Monsanto has to excel at is creating human misery wherever it can. Maybe it’s working for a lifetime achievement award?

Remember, regardless of what Monsanto’s PR department will have you believe, GMOs are specifically designed to maximize their marketability, shelf life, and production efficiency.

They’re basically not designed for human consumption because non-genetically modified produce will always yield more nutritional values for our bodies.

But that’s only the tip of the terrifying iceberg that is Monsanto.


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