Inside the Mind of a Person with Fibromyalgia, Debating If They Should Post on Facebook

Long term illness can change a ones life; it can change your thoughts, opinion, feelings, viewpoint, mindset… (to state nothing of your body).

Also, the place in your mind that change can be difficult to see; what is caused by the physical (hello come one buddy. literal viruses and bacteria in our brains) or the progressions that comes from long term isolation, enduring,suffering, disappointment, dejection, surrender, sadness… . (believe me, even with the most profound and deepest reflection, lines are hazy).

No one is “Normal.” – Everybody is exceptional.

So when you are in this bubble of misery and feeling desperate, many of us reach that crossroad decision of whether to reach out publicly or not. Now, some do so all the time and some seldom do so. I want to share with you, the healthy person, the “normal” person, what may be going on in our heads and where the need to reach out comes from. Because to you, (sometimes frequent) posts regarding how someone is feeling physically and mentally can come off as:

Also, genuinely perhaps a few people with fibromyalgia are. In any case, I am requesting that you consider some grace for them, and here is the reason:



Excessively sensational



Lacking confidence

Depressed person

Lacking quality


Or, on the other hand “_____” fill in the blank

Just imagine you were having a typical dynamic and active life; you work, you associate with friends,a couple of times each week, possibly you are additionally busy with children. You do stuff! You go out to watch movies, you eat out at cafes, you socialize at workplace, you some of the time take day breaks and your life may not be flawless or energizing, but rather it is complete.

One day your body begins to deceive you,and start betraying you. Abruptly all the daily routines and schedules that were not a big deal for you becoming as hard as lifting gaint rocks. Your whole body is drained, tired to the point it feels like you have poison in your veins. You swear Earth’s gravity recently dialed it up a score as you battle to go up a similar staircase you have been bouncing up the last five years.

You start sleeping more and more. Even after an entire night’s rest your body begins to close down amidst the day and you have to sleep again. The thing is this additional sleep doesn’t help and you are similarly as tried and exhausted when you get up in the morning as the previous night. Far more worst, you feel high, even without alcohol: harmful, overwhelming, foggy, headache, akinda muck.

So obviously you pump yourself with caffeine since you have an existence and things to do… just the caffeine is a speedy quick fix that doesn’t last, so you have more, and more and more and more. After a couple cycles of this you begin to blow your adrenals, and things deteriorate. You begin to feel like you are giving the people access in your life down as you can’t be there for them in the limit you were just a brief time prior. Goodness, and did I say the PAIN? You are managing pain,that has no business in your body at your age! You feel old and pain-filled. Joints and ligaments, muscles and tissues that you never at any point “felt” at all some time recently, are making their presence felt by adding up the non-stooping pain.

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