Here’s Why You Should Never Get Up To Pee In The Middle Of The Night

Whatever you do, don’t roll over and check your clock.

In fact, it might be better to keep a clock that doesn’t light up, so you can’t easily read what it’s saying.

Not only is the bright light of a digital clock distracting, it’s not good for your sleep cycle to know what time it is.

If you see that it’s 4 a.m., you may start calculating how many hours you have left until you have to get up, and you may stress over it.

Unsurprisingly, stressing over how much you need sleep is not conducive to dropping back off. It’s better to fight curiosity and simply refuse to look at the clock.

DON’T: Wake Up Your Partner

DON'T: Wake Up Your Partner

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
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