Gabapentin and fibromyalgia: proven to provides significant relief

How to handle taking Gabapentin

If you find that the Gabapentin is making you groggy in the morning, or making you less capable of staying balanced – talk to your doctor about changing the time that you are taking the dose – and look to what you are taking it with as well.

Your doctor may move the dosage further away from a sleep medication, or add in a medication like Provigil to help minimize any of the “hangover” effects of the Neurontin.

Building a dialogue with your doctor that works

Don’t make the mistake that most people make when it comes to trying medications to treat your fibromyalgia which is stop taking something as soon as it causes a problem or discomfort.

Medication is very specific to the individual, this means that while it may be recommended to be taken during the day, it may need to be taken at a different time to keep the medication effective without diminishing the quality of your day.

Your doctor can also different type of release doses so you may not have to take multiple doses, but a time released dose that can lessen side effects too. All of this requires a dialogue with your doctor in which you are treated as an investigative partner.

Don’t assume that they have all the answers, medication is so individually that they need your feedback on your experience so that they can then apply their experience to crafting a better treatment program.

Creating an environment of patient centered care

Gabapentin and fibromyalgia can be a successful combination for treating the pain associated with the disease. When you combine this with other treatments for fibromyalgia, you have a much better chance to improve your quality of life through creating a treatment plan that is based in patient centered care where you and your doctor work together to find a way to make your symptoms recede.



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