After 37 Years of Marriage, Husband Dumps His Wife For His Secretary. What she Does When He Demands the Family Home Is priceless

A few days later Jake moved in with his new lover and everything was going great for them. But, after the first couple of days, a strange and awful smell started to spread in the house.

The smell was unbearable, so they cleaned the entire house, top to bottom, and aired it, but it was not enough. They washed all the carpets to make sure there weren’t any dead rodents and placed air fresheners all over the house.

They even called exterminators to set off gas canisters. Jake and his girlfriend had to move out of the house for the next couple of days.

They even replaced all the expensive carpets, but the smell just would not go away. No one wanted to go near that house anymore. Their maid left them, their friends stopped showing up, and even the repairman could not work there anymore.

Finally, Jake and his lover had no other choice but to sell the house. But the smell was so awful that no one wanted to buy it, even when they cut the price in half.

The story of the stinky house soon spread around the city and no realtor wanted to cooperate with them. They had to take a big loan from the bank to afford a new home for them.

So, it was the time for Edith to strike. She called upon her husband to ask how he was doing. He told her about the problems he had with his house and that he moved out of it. Continue…

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