Abused 4-Month-Old Puppy Finds A Gentle Friend Just When He Needs It The Most


f there’s one thing dogs are really good at, it’s knowing when someone needs a friend. They just seem to have a special sense that tells them when someone is feeling down and could use some reassurance, a reminder that they’re not alone.

Dogs are great at doing this for their often overworked and stressed-out humans, but they’re also great at doing it for one another. Seeing a fellow dog in distress is something they simply can’t stand — especially if they know just how that dog is feeling.

For some reason, some people don’t seem to believe that dogs can have feelings like we do — though if you’re a dog person, you know that’s hogwash. Dogs are highly sensitive to the tone of voice and body language in humans as well as in other dogs, so they’re very good at picking up on how someone is feeling.

When Sammie, a 4-month-old boxer puppy, arrived in New York City, he’d been the victim of horrific abuse and was fighting for his life. Meanwhile, another rescue, Simon, had just gotten medical care for his case of mange (a skin disease). Simon and Sammie were both rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC from shelters in South Carolina.

So when Simon saw Sammie lying on the table and fighting through his fear and pain, he knew just what to do, showing how much a compassionate face can help in a dire situation.

Warning: The story and images below contain evidence of animal abuse that might be hard for some readers to look at.

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