7-Year Cycles Of Human Life (Every Seven Years You Change) #4 Cycle Is Unbelievable Facts

End of the first 4×7 quadrant in life

After 28 years, which end up with the foundation of a family, a man enters the second quadrant.

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28-35 years

This is a period of nesting in the family and the time when most people buy a house and a car. They usually have children at this point of their life and begin caring about their family the most. However, if a person didn’t complete the first 4 cycles, the family could fall apart. If the relationship with the mother has been strained in the past, there could be a problem with the son or daughter-in-law. If the phenomenon occurred in the relations with the dad, a man might get involved in the internal affairs of another young family and cause conflict. If a person didn’t reject society as a teenager, there’s a chance that he could do it now, which may spark a divorce or getting fired.

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