5 Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Written All Over Your Face

Besides the usual way to check if you have any vitamin deficiency by doing a blood test, there is an easier way to discover if you have any nutrient deficiency, and it’s totally free.

Our face is actually telling us so much more than we think. If we pay closer attention to it, there are certain signs that can show us a specific vitamin deficiency.

Here are 5 signs of nutrient deficiencies

 1. Pale Complexion

If your face starts to get paler everyday, it may mean that you have vitamin B12 deficiency. You should check if your tongue it’s completely smooth, which is another symptom that means a lack of B12. Other signs can include memory problems and fatigue.

How to improve – By consuming more grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and organic poultry.

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