20 Photos That Show What Fibromyalgia Really Looks Like

18. “The face of [fibromyalgia]… is a face that hides what the body is feeling. I look like nothing is wrong. But I’ve just gotten out of the hospital because the medicine for FMS has made me so sick they had to take me off everything I take. Which was worse, the FMS pain or the pain from the side effects of medicine? But I smile, I push through, I work, I do everything I can to ‘look’ normal. The face, the smile, all just a lie for what dwells beneath. Pain, frustration, anxiety, fear, alone in the struggle.”

woman with short blonde hair

19. “Having to wear soft pants because rough fabrics like denim hurt my legs too much and having to use a wheelchair because the pain is too excruciating to walk.”

woman's legs wearing sweatpants in wheelchair

20. “Fibromyalgia is complete exhaustion, body and soul. It’s wanting desperately to go out and enjoy the sun but instead having to rest because if you don’t now, you won’t recover later.”

woman lying on bed covered in blanket


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