20 Photos That Show What Fibromyalgia Really Looks Like

15. “This is the invisible side of fibro — the side most don’t see. It’s a heating pad and a fan going at the same time. It’s having a book to read when painsomnia keeps me awake. It’s a notepad for things I think of at night because I won’t remember them in the morning. It’s having a morning and a night pill box because I can’t remember if I’ve taken my meds without them and an alarm. It’s Neosporin and Vasoline for the anxiety-picked fingers… It’s dust on the lamp because I don’t have the energy to keep up with every little aspect of cleaning like I used to. It’s all of this and so much more.”

table of pills, fan, books, notepad

16. “I’m choosing to show this ‘healthy’-looking photo of me from yesterday because the reality is that I don’t look sick. I almost never look sick. And that’s the worst part of this debilitating disease I’ve had for nine years — trying to explain to people how I can look ‘just fine’ while being so completely miserable. Trying to explain why I’m in twisting, agonizing pain that never goes away while looking ‘normal’ is a struggle in of itself.”

woman with long black hair and orange sweater

17. “Nasty bruises.”

woman's leg with bruises

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