20 Photos That Show What Fibromyalgia Really Looks Like

6. “Fourth day of migraine, nerves are pinging, right leg and arm are numb/weak, and the pain is screaming at me from every fiber of my being. Nothing seems to relieve my symptoms, but I will continue with heat packs and kitty cuddles. Trying to tempt my body to be still. Even the dark and quiet of night is loud and obtrusive for me most nights…”

  woman wearing black tank top

7. “Exhausted, surrounded by stuff because I have to rearrange my room. Not for fun, but because my neighbor likes to blare his music just loud enough that the vibrations exacerbate my pain (dorm life FTW). I got so fed up today I used all my spoons to move my bed to the furthest wall…”

woman in dorm room with things on floor and coming out of closet

8. “What you see on the outside: A woman smiling and healthy. But on the inside there is a woman who didn’t go to sleep until around 3 a.m. because the pain wouldn’t stop. A woman who pushes through the tears to have a normal day just so I can spend the next in bed recovering. This smiling woman in the picture is me, and at the moment it was taken I am standing in front of the hospital. (They had a living nativity for Christmas.) I had more tests.”

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