17 Things People With Chronic Pain Want You to Learn During Pain Awareness Month

This Month is Pain Awareness Month, a time for people with chronic pain conditions to inform their communities, medical professionals and government leaders of the challenges that affect their health and well-being. With conversations about access to medical marijuana and opioids heating up this election season, raising awareness this month counts more than ever.

We teamed up with the US Pain Foundation to ask our Facebook communities what they want people to learn about chronic pain. Their answers cover the range of issues the community is fighting for and reveal what’s at stake — their quality of life.

Here’s what they said:

1. “Chronic pain comes in many forms, and people deal with it differently then others and at different times. I play soccer and I want people to know that sometimes I can handle the intensity but not always.”

2. “Just because you see a smiling face doesn’t always mean we are fine. We’ve mastered the art of ‘faking fine’ so you won’t hurt seeing our pain.”

3. “I appreciate it and know people mean well when they tell me they hope I feel better, but it’s not that simple.”

pain awareness quote 1 with heart cut out


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