16-Year-Old Teen Goes Missing – Six Months Later, Her Best Friends Reveal A Dark Secret

Planned for months

Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy

The investigation uncovered some overwhelming details on the night of Skylar’s murder. Shelia and Rachel chose the spot where they smoked marijuana as the place where they would murder Skylar- they had been planning for it for months. Shelia and Rachel each carried a kitchen knife concealed underneath their clothes. They left the bleach, cleaning cloths, and shovel in Shelia’s car to be used later after they have carried out their plan.

On “three”

Credit: Localityonline.weebly.com

As the girls were out of the car, Shelia and Rachel said they forgot to bring a lighter. Skylar quickly went back to the car to fetch hers. Once her back was turned, Shelia and Rachel counted to “three” and began repeatedly stabbing Skylar with the kitchen knives they brought from home.


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