16-Year-Old Teen Goes Missing – Six Months Later, Her Best Friends Reveal A Dark Secret

Snuck out for a drive around the city

Credit: Twitter

According to Mary, Shelia had told her how she, Rachel, and Skylar slipped out the previous night and proceeded to drive around Star City. They all got high and dropped Skylar off at their house later that night. But according to Mary, the two girls dropped Skylar off at the end of the road because they didn’t want to risk waking up Skylar’s parents up as she snuck back in.

They convinced her to come along

Credit: ABCNews

Sheila and Rachel Shoaf convinced Skylar to sneak out with them on that night of July 5. They convinced her that the reason they wanted her to come out was because they wanted to work on fixing their friendship. Skylar initially hesitated but eventually relented after being bombarded by numerous calls and text messages from both Shelia and Rachel. They picked Skylar up around 11 p.m. and returned her home before midnight.


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