16-Year-Old Teen Goes Missing – Six Months Later, Her Best Friends Reveal A Dark Secret

She wasn’t home

Skylar went home from work on July 5, 2012. But the next morning, Dave was shocked to discover that her daughter wasn’t in her room. He later discovered that Skylar’s window screen had been removed and he also found a hidden bench that his daughter used to help her climb in and out of the window. At that point, he realized that Skylar wasn’t home the night before.

Missed work for the first time

Credit: ABCNews

Later that day, Skylar’s parents learned that she had missed work- something she had never done before. They immediately called 911 to report her missing. Police officer Bob McCauley of the Star City, West Virginia police department responded to the call and launched an investigation to find Skylar Neese. Later that night, Shelia Eddy called Dave and Mary and told them what happened the previous night.


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