16-Year-Old Teen Goes Missing – Six Months Later, Her Best Friends Reveal A Dark Secret

They’re both sickos”

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Dave didn’t hold back his emotions when asked about the court’s ruling for Shelia and Rachel. “They’re both sickos, and they’re both exactly where they need to be: away from civilization, locked up like animals. Because that’s what they are, they’re animals,” he said.

Skylar’s Law

Credit: WV Metronews

To further memorialize their daughter, Dave and Mary Neese lobbied to get the Skylar’s Law passed in West Virginia. The law requires that an Amber Alert be issued not just for those believed to have been kidnapped, but for all missing children. An Amber Alert alerts broadcasters and state transportation officials when a child has been abducted and if the abduction has met the AMBER Alert Criteria.

No Amber alert was issued

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When Skylar went missing, an Amber Alert was not issued because her disappearance did not meet the Amber Alert criteria: a child is believed to have been abducted; the child is under 18, the child may be in danger of death or serious injury; there is enough information to indicate that the Amber Alert is necessary. Under Amber Alert, a waiting period of 48 hours is needed for a teenager to be considered missing.


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