10 Things To Bring To Someone In The Hospital Other Than Flowers

Having a loved one in the hospital isn’t easy. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do, and folks often end up defaulting to sending flowers or balloons.

But that is not your only option!

While flowers and balloons are pretty, cheery gifts for people in the hospital, there are also lots of other less obvious options that your friend or family member will really appreciate. Of course, if they really do love flowers and balloons, feel free to send them along! Just make sure you steer clear of lilies because some folks are allergic to them and they can cause severe headaches.

So, what else can you give to someone at the hospital? Your loved one is probably having a tough time, and they can definitely use at least one of these gifts. Even the smallest gesture can go a very long way when it comes to passing the time in a hospital bed or having a slightly more pleasant stay.

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1. Fuzzy Socks


It can get pretty chilly at hospitals, and a nice pair of warm, fuzzy socks can really make a huge difference. The hospital probably has socks, but a comfy pair you picked out personally will be so much better.

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