10 Quotes That Will Motivate You In Your Battle with Fibromyalgia


If there is a silver lining to chronic pain, it is that it can (if we let it) make us more compassionate or empathetic to other people’s pain. As we struggle with an invisible illness ourselves, we recognize that while others may seem whole on the outside – it is very possible that on the inside they too are suffering, be it physical or emotional. Though it may not eliminate our own pain, compassion towards others can very much contribute to our own healing.


Bitterness is the antithesis of healing. It festers inside us, stirring up negative thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, it can be an easy temptation to succumb to – and justifiably so. It is easy to become bitter for being dealt a bad hand in life – especially if that bad hand means being in constant pain. We’re human – so we’ve all felt that sting and have likely felt a sense of bitterness because of our plight. Rising above those feelings and overcoming them can be difficult – but nothing worth anything comes cheap or easy.

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