10 Embarrassing Things That Happen When You Have Fibro Fog

Embarrassing fibro fog moments happen to me all the time. Some days I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Unfortunately, most fibromyalgia fighters have to battle fibro fog to some degree.

1. Short-Term Memory Loss

This seems to be an almost daily occurrence for me: I get in the shower, wet my hair and then totally blank on whether I washed it or not. Because I have naturally curly, dry hair… I don’t want to wash it daily, especially not more than once a shower! And if I do remember if I washed it that shower, I can never remember the next day so it’s hit or miss. This is a daily frustration I have not found a working solution for.

2. Forgetting Conversations

My poor husband — I do this to him way too often. He mentions something and it feels like the first time I am hearing about it. Even after arguing about it, I still have no idea if I am right. Sometimes I do think he believes he said something to me but didn’t. At least that’s my story…

3. Forgetting What I Am Doing

The confusion from standing in rooms with no idea why or what I went to get or do. I know, this happens to everyone sometimes… you walk into a room and totally forget why or what you are doing there. During a fibro fog moment, when it happens a little too often, you really start to wonder if you are losing it.


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